My First Love

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I grew up on Tagalong Ranch with my dad. My mother got a divorce with my father when I was 6. I used to think it was my fault but then I realized if I was going to be happy, I shouldn't take the blame. And now here I am, 13 years later, finding out who I am. My love for horses increased over the years. A few have passed on since my first day here, but my favorite still lives to this day. My father used to be a famous man, Buck Davidson. But nobody knew about, Molly, his daughter. He'd call me nicknames like Milky or Nookums, but I knew he was more into his job than me, so when he quit I was overjoyed. He played with me and that's when I learned how to gallop. And that's where this story starts.

One day I was galloping down the trail that I had rode on for years, when I saw another horse. When I slowed and trotted to a stop, I realized the horse had a man attached to him. He waved at me and stopped too. "Hey, do you live here?" he asks me. I nod. "Cool, I'm Dave Micks and live about five miles from here" he grinned. I smile to myself. "Well, I live down the trail a while, my name's Molly Davidson by the way".  And that's how we bloomed. A few days passed and we met each day at the same spot, like always. I finally told my dad. "Daddy? I met a friend out on the trail a few days ago, he's quite nice". He grunts and then nods. The next day I met Dave again. "You know, you're really pretty" Dave says. I blush, "Thanks, and by the way, my horse's name is James Bond". He chuckles and pats his horse on the neck. "Mine's is Barny". I giggle a bit too. "I'll ride you home of you want" he says to me. I grin and take his hand and we ride back to the ranch.

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