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Hikaru's sword made a clang sound as it hit yours. Your beloved boyfriend was trying to teach you how to defend yourself with a sword. Unfortunately you were getting your butt kicked. Why was he teaching you this? Because today you saw him doing it & it looked so cool & easy that you wanted to try. Big mistake. ( Back track) "Hey Hikaru! Whatca doing?" you ask, leaning on the doorway watching him fence with Chekov, who was not doing so good. "Oh, Hi Y/N! Just fencing with Chekov & trying to teach him a thing or two about it." he answers to you after taking off his helmet that they wear for fencing. " Da, it's not as easy as it looks zough." Chekov says to you as he aslo takes off his helmet. "Well, maybe you can teach me?" you ask Hikaru, ignoring Chekov's warning.

" Didn't you hear what I sa-" Chekov was cut off by Hikaru. "Sure thing Y/N! What do you want to learn?" he ask you. "Uh, what do you have?" you ask as your walking in the room. Then he starts naming a bunch of stuff that you didn't even know that you could do in fencing.You get really confused that you just ask if he can teach you the basics of fencing. "All right then, that would be defending yourself." he tells you as he hands you your special suit & helmet to put on.

You go into the other room to change, & as your doing that Hikaru is setting out the swords & talking with Chekov. " Does she even know vhat she iz getting into?" Chekov asked Hikaru. "Don't worry. I'll go easy on her."he answers. "Da, like how you vent on me?" Chekov asking with sarcasm.

"All right now! That's get this party started!" you say excitedly, not know what was going to happen.   (End of back track) As you were trying to defend yourself, Chekov was sitting on a chair, amused from watching you & Hikaru battle each other with then swords. Of course, Hikaru was having the time of his life teaching you his favorite sport. You, not so much. But you did do pretty good on defending yourself. It's the attacking that gets you. Whenever you try to attack him you fall & he thinks it's funny to poke you in the back when your on the floor & say, "Looks like a damsel is in distress, eh Y/N?!"  

Oh no he didn't just call you a damsel in distress! After your guys break that's when you got up & fenced like you were one of the stinken three musketeers! Chekov was still watching, but now he was amazed at what you did next.  You were defending yourself then you went for an attack & instead of missing & falling on your face, you poke Hikaru in the stomach. As he was bent down you hit his sword just right that it flung out of his hands onto the floor. 

Then as Chekov & Hikaru looked at you amazed you said, "I'm a damsel in defense!" After Hikaru got up he congratulated you & so did Chekov. " That vas awesome Y/N!" Chekov exclaims. "Awesome is right. Just like you Y/N." Hikaru whispers in your ear as Chekov leaves you guys. "Thank you, I learned from the best." you tell him as you & Hikaru kiss. 

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