Chapter 31

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Sometimes you need time, sometimes you just know.

I hoped Winnie was right about that; I hoped my intuition was right and that I was not going to regret my decision.

I startled as another thunder roared, this time closer. I hadn't planned to stay the night, but if the storm continued, I would have to. With the heavy rain, it would be difficult to get even to Rhys' parents' house.

We were currently in Rhys' still mostly unfurnished future home. He'd brought me here to share his plans for the place. He was excited about the project, speaking quickly and going from one room to the other and back again; the only time he paused was to ask what I thought of his ideas and whether I had any suggestions.

This was far from what I'd expected when I'd called him over to my apartment today.

My shift couldn't end soon enough.

After the talk I'd had with Winnie the previous day, I dreaded meeting up with Rhys as I was sure I'd disappoint him.

Of course you won't disappoint him; it was Rhys who had insisted for you to sleep on it and not rush into things, I tried to reassure myself, but to no avail.

I'd messed up big time.

First, I'd told him I was sure I wanted to go through the mating ceremony with him and now I was going to ask him to postpone it.

It wasn't that I didn't want to ever go through with it; it was just too soon to do it yet.

I needed more time to get used to the pack and the notion of supernatural creatures and I wanted answers about what my life would be like after the ceremony. I still feared that I'd have to leave my human friends behind. Would I be able to live like that?

After all Winnie and Tim had done for me?

After how they'd accepted me with open arms, how they protected me from the narrow-minded clients?

And Mr. Philips: I wouldn't call him a friend, but he was an amicable man and helped me out big time by offering me his job.

The Bullets were understanding, but my friends were outsiders to them; would they see them as a threat?

"Oh, just go home already!" A small cotton towel - a clean one I hoped - flicked me over the elbow.

"You know that we are just employees and that we can't come and go whenever we please, right, Winnie?" I went back to drying up a mug with a piece of cloth similar to the one she'd slapped me with.

"There are fifteen minutes left in your shift and only two tables to wait on." We both glanced at the only occupied spaces; there were three clients in total.

"I think I'll manage until your replacement comes," she added, turning back to me. "Now go and prepare yourself for your date with Rhys and remember: I have lots of comfort food and a couch if things go temporarily wrong between you two."

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