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Pen Your Pride

A/n: is it okay if I change the cover, you guys? I'm drawing something...


Fionna's POV

After that amazing few seconds, I pulled away and just stared into his mesmerizing coal- colored eyes. They just stared back right at ume, staring into my soul, right through my anatomy. I could still taste the strawberries. He now had his hands placed on my shoulders, like I did.

We just sat there for awhile, like that. Just taking in each other. I glanced down at his chest, which had caught my eye. His necklace.. Was glowing. A bright, neon red. My eyes widened at the sight. Then he looked down at mine. I was too scared to do it myself, honestly. He didn't say a word, and just blew it off, like it was nothing.

Then he scooped me up, throwing one arm under my thighs, and the other on my back. I squealed, and his smirk got larger. Before I could say anything, he lifted himself off of the ground and began to fly in a gentle pattern.

I could tell that he was happy; he obviously couldn't keep the smile off of his face. When he smiled, even If it was a smirk, it made me feel great. It made me feel just awesome that I had made someone like him smile. I mean- he did have a pretty rough history.. I think. Although He had never really told me about it.

"Where is he taking me?" I thought to myself, enjoying the cool breeze, with a side of Marshall's cologne. It smelled like.. I don't know, men. Tough guys. Fist fights without the sweat. the smell you'd expect a gym full of guys to smell like, before you have actually painfully experienced the actual scent. It smelled like the thought of .. Him, with a hint of strawberry. (But I really think that was the smell of his breath.)

After a while, I just had to know. "Where are you taking me marshy?" I asked, trying to sound as innocent as I could. "Wherever." He replied cooly.

"Hu- what do you mean wherever?!" I replied, more angered. "You don't even know where were going?!"

He put on a relaxed expression and tucked a small strand of hair behind my ear, smirking again. "I thought we could hang for a bit, doll."

I replied with no words, with only a small head nod and a pleased smile. My mind began to ponder everything that I hadn't been aware of for the past few hours. Like cake, and how she would flip out If she knew about any of this, and that or maybe even the ice queen, and what she was up to. Even the candy people, and how I hadn't been helping them out lately.

Before I could finish my thoughts, Marshall had set me down on a small, grassy hill. He laid down, letting all his worries drift away. His hands were placed under his head, his legs were casually twisted, and his eyelids were peacefully shut. I shrugged, and did the same, but on the opposite side of the hill. When I did, I felt our hands touch and another spark appeared. I really loved it when that happened. We looked up at the night sky, filled with stars.

"Fionna?" He calmly asked, now intertwining his hands with mine.


"W-what are... No, no. That was a stupid question. Never mind."

"Ok, now you have to tell me." I put, letting go of his hands, twirling myself around and getting up on my knees.

"Naw, it was stupid." He said, shaking his head slightly.

"No, now you have to."

"Really fionna?" He questioned, turning around as I did.

"Hey, now I have a question." I slyly reflected.


"Are vampires ticklish?" I asked, trying to keep the smile off of my face.

"Why wouldn't they-" he was cut off by me, who jumped over him, and started tickling and taunting. "Tell me."

"Ha..ha! Haha! Fi-fio, sto-.. Haha! HA! Stop, ple- he! Ha hee!"

"I'll stop if you tell me what it was!" I taunted.

"Seriously! Hahaha! F-fine, hhaha! Aha! Ok-okay!" He squealed. This was really adorable, and I could not get enough of it.

I stopped tickling for a second, and just pinned him to the ground, kneeling on his chest, and pulling on his collar. I leaned down, inches from his face. "Tell. Me." I whispered. My hair hung down in long locks of gold; intertwining us. He stirred around a bit, and looked around frantically. "Just.. Alright, okay?"

"What was it?"

"W-what are we?" He let out.

"What do you mean?" I asked, thrown a bit aback.

"I don't know how to make it any simpler. What are we?" He sternly asked.

I honestly didn't know what to say. I just got off of him, and rolled to my side. I thought. And thought. And it never left my mind.

What are we?

I heard him say, "I knew you would react like this." In a disappointed tone.

"No..." I argued. "I'm not mad... I'm confused." I truthfully put. "Even if we were 'together', I barley know anything about you."

"Oh." His tone became deeper, more Dark. "What do you want to know?"

What did I want to know?

"Tell me your story." I suggested.

He looked a bit uneasy but replied with a shrug, "alright."

He flew up some, and landed right next to me, folding his arms over his knees like I was. The moonlight shined behind him, creating a silhouette from my view.

He began with a sigh. "I was born a demon. My dad was a vampire, and my mother is a demon. My mother had abandoned me here when I was about six. A nice lady named... Eh..." He pondered, stroking an invisible beard, making me giggle. "Oh, Simone. I think." He continued, getting dark again. I noticed he had lines under his eyes. Maybe I shouldn't have asked...

But he went on. "She was a nice lady. I loved her, she... Was like a Second mom to me, ya know?" He looked up to the stars, and I could see his eyes starting to water. "Marshall you don't have to do this." I reminded him.

"I want to."

He continued. "She had a magical crown, that gave her ice powers. she protected us both from the world. She took care of me, until I turned ten. The crown took over, and she was no longer Simone." He huffed.

"Who was she?" I asked, filled to the brim with anticipation.

" queen. One day, she went crazy to the point where I had to leave her, and live on my own. She kept calling me Gertrude."

I frowned. "That's terrible."

"No, it was fine... I lived by myself until I was about 14, in a small underground cave I had dug. It was actually pretty nice. I hunted wild animals and ate their meat, and I drank from a nearby pond. I was disgusting. When I turned 15, I decided that I wanted some sort of title. Not just "that one kid that lives in a hole." I started to hear about kings and queens, princes and princes, who ruled everything of their kind. My mother was already the demon queen, I guess."

"Are you okay?" I asked, wiping a tear from his cold cheek.

"I'm fine fi. I want to continue." He blew some hair out of his eyes, and never made eye contact with me. "Alright, so, I wanted a title, something to call mine. I began running out of options, so I decided to kill royalty, automatically taking their place. I chose the vampire king, of course. I spent three years tracking him down." He admitted, looking slightly ashamed. "I went back to the nighto'sphere for a weapon, and stole the family axe." He said, gesturing to the guitar strapped to his back. "Back then it was just an axe."

"So you just made it like that?"

"Yeah. I took the axe, and found the vampire king. He had some sort of... Kingdom thing, in the nighto'sphere. I simply snuck into the kingdom unnoticed, and tried to chop his head off..." He summed up. But I could tell that wasn't all there was.


Marshall's POV

I chose to kill my prey at dark, for I would not be seen. I poked my head out of the dead bushes, and stared up in awe at the castle. His castle. The victims castle. It was his turn to be the victim. The vampire king had Killed so many humans.. So, so many. It was about time for him to have a taste of his own medicine.

I peered up at a small window, about three stories upwards. I checked my nails, (more like claws) to see if they were still nice and sharp. Once I was satisfied, I jumped up onto the wall, and scaled it like a spider. My nails only made tiny scratching noises on the wall. Still, something I was aware that vampires could hear. Once I reached the window, I peered into it, my black hair whipping in the wind. I spotted my prey, and licked my all equally sharp, demon teeth. I swore we were related to sharks.

The figure stood there, it's back turned from the window. He was speaking to someone. I tried to make out what he was saying. All I caught was, "Clarisse! Go fetch me another sandwich!"

He was tall, having a slight hunch like mine. His was quite worse though. He looked to be in his late thirties. He wore a long, black cape, with dark red boots. When he turned around, I could see the rest of him. He had messy silver hair, and was wearing loose fitting blue jeans, along with a plain black t-shirt. Last but not least, a small, glittery black crown was placed on his head. Aside from his girlish attire, he himself was no less than a man. He was ripped. He had the looks, too, I had to admit.

When I was sure "Clarisse" was gone to make a sandwich, I pulled the family axe from my side, and positioned it guitar- style. I pulled myself all the way up to the window, and simply used one of my claws to draw a simple circle on it. I lifted out the glass, and quietly climbed through the circular opening. I thought it was funny how oblivious he was. He just stood there with his back turned to me. He was about to be killed, and didn't even notice.

I lifted the axe over my head, and jammed it into his back. The king turned around, with full anger on his face. "HOW DARE YOU?!!" He smacked mine, pulled the axe out of his back with a small groan, and threw it onto the floor. "Leave, before you get hurt, imbecile." His wound seemed to close up, almost immediately, leaving no scars.

I couldn't believe it. He didn't even consider me as a threat. "What the hell?" I asked.

"What? You think your puny little human body can defeat me?" He asked, puffing out his chest.

I couldn't hold back anymore. No one calls Marshall lee a human.

I calmly picked up my axe, and just gave him a toothy smirk, showing off all of my demon teeth.

"Ah? You're the son of the demon queen." He shrugged. "Marshall, correct?"


He now had a more interested expression. "So you're literally, a son of a bitch."

That was it.

I swung the axe again, this time, into his stomach. He grimaced, clearly showing off that it healed automatically. Then he threw me backwards over his head, landing with a huge crash. I held my back in pain. He pulled the axe out once more, this time, snapping the wooden handle in half. He threw the blade part at me, and I gracefully caught the end with one hand. If the axe didn't work, what would?

I glanced Over at the handle of the axe, dropping the blade. It was wood, it was pointy. it was also, a steak, now. I ran for it. I dive-rolled into it, pushing myself back up when I had it in my hands.

But when I turned around, the king was right behind me. He hissed, leaned over my neck, and sunk his fangs deep into my flesh. "Die.." He mumbled in my ear.

The bite was the most painful experience I had ever had. It felt like Chainsaws, ripping at my neck. I screamed in pain, and realized that I still had the steak in my hands. If he went any longer, I would definitely be killed.

With the last of my strength, I lifted the steak up, hoping for the best, and jabbed it through his undead, soulless heart. He released his grip on me, and fell backwards, onto the concrete flooring.

I turned around, an just stared a him. And to think He didn't think Of me as a threat. He laid in a pool of black blood; vampire blood. His jaw was slightly ajar, and his eyes were wide open and red. I walked over to his head, and observed the little crown. "Pretty." I said out loud, placing the crown on my own head. Once the crown came in contact with my scalp, I felt absolute power scrape through my veins. I also felt a bit cold, but I didn't question it.

My fingers traced over the two holes in my neck. Why hadn't I died yet? I fell to my knees in pain, and realization. I couldn't believe it, my whole life was over. I would never reach 18 years old. I would have to sit and watch everyone die, right in front of me.

Two of the old king's servants walked In, one of them dropping a red-colored sandwich in shock. "Clairese.." I heard one mumble. "The king has been killed.."

I glanced back at the girls with demon eyes. "Have a problem with that?" I asked, slightly hissing. Hissing? Usually I would growl.

I smiled at their reaction: slowly backing away, quivering. I was proud... until I licked my top row of teeth. My k9's, had been replaced with two, dagger-like fangs, that almost overlapped my bottom lip. Terror didn't even explain the look on my face.


My mind let me flicker back to reality, while fionna was just tapping my shoulder. "Marshall. Marshall. Marshall. Are you okay? Marshall?" Her last word snapped me back to life. "Marshy?"

I shook my head, shaking all the evil thoughts I had away. "What?" I finally asked, rubbing my eyes.

"You were zoned out for like two whole minutes. I thought there was something wrong." She told me, placing a hand on my shoulder.

I decided to say what was best, what would keep away from arguments and fights. What would keep her from worrying about me, because she didn't need to. I looked up into the blonde heroines blue eyes, deep like the sea. "Everything's perfectly fine."

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