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I quickly rush out of the airport, clutching my two suitcases in hand while nervously checking the time. Deep breaths Harlow, deep breaths. A sigh escapes my lips as I make my way towards a bench and sit myself down. Today as been one hëll of day, let me tell you.

The uber should be here any minute now. I think to myself while fidgeting with the gold watch latched onto my wrist. Luckily, today hadn't presented any trouble through my travels and other activities. I just really needed to get away from America, let's just say that.

Ting, my phone sounds, alerting me that my uber as arrived. I hurry myself and gather my things before scurrying over to the van.

"11 Oakwood Ave, correct?" The man driving the vehicle asks in a monotonous voice. I nervously nod my head in response and pretend to text while he drives. Thank goodness he wasn't very talkative because if he had asked me one more question I may have barfed all over his leather seats.

"That would be 7 pounds miss," He tells me, twisting in his seat.

"Here's 10, keep the change," I hand him the money and he grins thankfully at me.

Swinging the door open, I shuffle around to the boot of the car to retrieve my two suitcases. After shutting it, the über drives off leaving me in the middle of the street.

"excuse me! Are you, Harlow Smith?" A voice calls out. I quickly spin around to see a large white building with a bearded man in front of it. The number "11" is tacked on the door in gold lettering, informing me that it must be my new apartment.

"Yes, are you the realtor?" I ask, jogging up to him.

"Correct," he smiles, "now before I give you the keys, I just need to go over some rules,"

I nod my head and attempt to listen to every rule, but fail miserably since I'm distracted by his accent. What? When you've lived in America your whole life, you find different accents intriguing, okay?

"Here you go!" The realtor says excitedly, handing me the keys.

"Thank you so much," I reply.

"Now I will be in to check up on the condition of the apartment in about a week, so be prepared," he reminds me one last time before getting into his car and leaving.

A huge smile plasters itself to my face as I unlock the front door to my apartment. Never in my life have I had a house all to myself! The door swings open with a slight squeak and I smile at the appearance of the modern household.

The walls are painted white along with the white furniture which came with the apartment. I notice the new kitchen appliances and hardwood floors which seem to be newly polished as well. This definitely was a bargain.

A squeal escapes my lips as if I'm a child who's just woken up on Christmas. The soles of my shoes click against the floors as I make my way towards the stairs, which have a railing of glass. I hop down each step to find a hallway which leads to a bedroom with a bathroom attached to it. A large window shines brightly over the queen sized bed which brings a smile to my face.

"Caspar? How long does it take to get a glass of water?" I hear a voice from next door call.

"Coming!" A separate voice hollers back

    I cock my head in an attempt to hear the rest of the conversation, but can only hear muffled noises through the walls. Being the curious person that I am, I made my way over to the thin wall and pressed my ear against it, listening intently.

"Hello guys! Welcome back to another Sugg Sunday special. Today I have a very special collab with this kid, Caspar say hi,"


"Now what are we doing today Casp,"

"Uh, well. Joe you didn't tell me what we were doing!"

    I pull my ear away from the wall and attempt to comprehend their conversation. What the heck are they doing? A thought pops into my head and I quickly grab my phone, opening it to the YouTube app. My finger tips slide across the glass screen and I type into the search engine 'Joe and Caspar'. A bunch of hits immediately pop up.


'Amazing Impressions With Caspar Lee'


   I click on a random video and recognize their voices. 2 millions views?!?! My eyes bulge out of my head when I notice that they both have over 5 million subscribers. I then realize that I have watched some of their videos in the past, they were in the YouTube boy weren't they?

    Oh my god, I'm living next to the Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee.

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