Ch.4 dreamless

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***peresphone's p.o.v

I tossed and turned as the information went through my brain I groaned, why couldn't my mate be a human or someone who didn't have to be a royal damn it, I growled at my pillow and got up I began pacing I started thinking about what my banshee BFF Juli told me, Apparently, when I ran out my mate Anothny started asking for me, and was searching for any information about me, I ran my hands through my hair. "We must find our mate," my wolf Fawney whimpered "I'm scared," I told her she cooed at me and murmered soothing things to me, I was calming down when I heard a tap on the window, I looked towards it and saw Jace, my best guy friend I smiled and opened the window to let him in. He was sexy definition, his tan skin bulging with all his muscle, his light brown curly hair long enough to get in his buetiful grey eyes, his red kissable lips, were tempting me and his 6 pack was so drool worthy, I wanted to lick at them. I groaned he smiled, at me like he knew what I was thinking.

"Hey Earth to Persephone," I smiled at him, and purred at him even if my wolf Fawney didn't want to, she wanted her mate but my vampire Lexi wanted this boy In front of me. I glanced at him, he was staring at me,

"Will you lay with me" I bit my lip as I asked he smiled at me.

"Of course," and he led me to my queen. Sized bed and he took off his clothes untill he was in his boxers and layed next to me and fell asleep and I fell into a dreamless sleep....

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