Chapter 25

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*Jiya Pov*

I sat on the bed in my new flat and stared at the wall. I glanced around and saw that the room is even smaller than the one in Mumbai.

I closed my eyes and leaned on the headboard feeling tired of everything. I never wanted anyone to know about this except Dad, but Mrs.Joshna got to know and then that Rose and now everyone.

My parents are busy in having a chat with Raj. He is being such a good friend. My parents need that distraction for now until I pull my thoughts into the right way.

"I hate you so much that I wish you are dead".

How can I even say the words like that? Death is not a small thing. It destroys a family within seconds. I closed my eyes scolding myself.

I saw how B's death affected everyone. It is her death, which caused him to take all these steps.

I rubbed the new mark I made on my wrist and hissed feeling the pain. I think i need to wait for six months, and then I can leave this god damn place and run away.

"You should stop doing that." I heard Dad's voice and opened my eyes to see him standing near the door.

I pushed the ribbon watch properly to cover it and said, "Like I already said Dad it is my freedom. It helps me letting go of the pain which increases over the limit. I can bear limit, but not over it."

"I want to be able to do something. I still think you should talk to a counselor." He said.

"No, Dad! If not this, then I don't know how will I live. I know this is a very wrong thing to do, but I miss my baby Dad even though I had the thought of it just one-week inside." I said.

"Your Mom wants to talk to you." He said after a few minutes.

"I don't have the energy, Dad." I said shaking my head.

"For a few minutes." He said.

"I will talk to her tomorrow morning." I said, and he accepted.

I drifted off into sleep and made an effort to forget everything. I hate you Mr.Mehra.

Next day, Mom walked inside the room, and I gestured her to sit. Dad and Raj already left the house to purchase some essentials for the house.

"I am sorry, Jiya." Mom said, sitting in front me.

"Forget it, Mom." I said, shaking my head.

"No! Slap me, Jiya. I deserve it. I just got blinded by the son's love that I hurt this gem so much." She said crying, and I sighed.

"Leave it, Mom. I never cared about your behavior from past many years. You love Bhai, and I can't do anything about it right." I said.

"I... I am really sorry. I never believed anything and just accepted his reasons. I wish I didn't." She said crying, holding my hand.

"So emotional." We heard a new voice and turned to see the person whom I never thought I will.

"Bhai? What are you doing here?" I asked him shocked.

"I got to find out before coming here that he got bail as some friend helped him. But I didn't know that he was here." Mom said, and I nodded believing her.

"Leave the house, Bhai." I said getting up.

"And why would I do that?" He asked smirking.

"I said leave!" I shouted at him.

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