Chapter Three ~ A Tool's Demise

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"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Ibiki asked Kakashi, taking a nervous glance towards me. "Remember what happened last time? She practically disowned me."

I raised my eyebrow. What in the world was he talking about? I had... Relations to these people? Important enough that I could... Disown them?

I had been placed against the dungeon wall, chained by my wrists and ankles so that I was immobilized. I could feel a cough rise in the back of my throat but pushed it down, refusing to show the weakness.

"Get over it, Ibiki. The safety of the village comes first, and who knows what the Rising Phoenix got out of Cashile," Kakashi said, unsympathetically. "She's our student; it's our responsibility to do what we can to help her."

Ibiki's eyes hardened, and he stood in front of me with another man, a tall blonde one. "Ready when you are, Yamanako." Two unnamed men put their hands on Yamanako and Ibiki's shoulders, ready to lend them chakra at any given moment. Yamanako rubbed his hands together and firmly planted them on either side of my head.

I glared at him, irritated with the physical contact, then flinched before I pushed the irritation back inside me.

"You will not divulge any information from me. I am well trained," I warned just before everything went black.


An uncomfortable feeling had settled in Ibiki's chest. Being in Cashile's head again...

He shook away the sensitive thoughts. This was necessary for the safety of Konoha.

"Wow, it's changed in here." Yamanako whistled.

He was right. Before, Cashile's head had been organized so profoundly, creativity jumping out of each corner, traps lying in wait in the places you'd least expect them.

Now, it was completely bland. No stairs that continued on into each other forever, no brightly lit corridors; it looked as though the place had been ransacked. Glass littered the floor, the lights were either flickering or dead, doors were either shattered or chained shut, the walls were crumbling...

What had happened here? What destroyed Cashile's mind?

There was one corridor, presenting all the doors available. Each door was sealed shut. Even the doors that hadn't been sealed during Ibiki's first trip.

Had Cashile sealed them to avoid another incident like the last?

Was that even possible? For someone to seal their own memories?

"Over there!" Yamanako said.

Ibiki followed him down the hall, right to a door. Not just an ordinary door. It was the door that had been chained tightly the first trip around. Now, it's seal looks shattered, clinging on to the edges of the door for dear life. 

It was one of the only doors that wasn't shut.

Right next to it was another door, which Ibiki didn't remember seeing the first time around; it was chained shut, and simply had an "I" and a "V" scratched into it. Ibiki ignored it, focusing on the oddity of the shattered door.

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