CHAPTER 2- drugged ride

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"Wow, that was close, huh Jenna bean?" Ashton smiled at me.
"Sorry that had to be messy back there, but he pissed me off when he continued to hit you like that."
I just stared at him. A fucking criminal is talking to me like this is normal.
"Don't scream okay babe?" Ashton said.
Fingers gently pulled the tape off of my mouth.
"I love your nose ring." He smiled, bopping my nose.
"Why am I here?" I asked.
Ashton sighed and looked at me, then back at the road.
"Don't you have a phone?" He smirked.
My eyes widened.
"You were him."
"Yeah. And I know everything about you." He continued to smirk.
"You don't know have of the shit I have been through!" I yelled.
"Try me, babe. Ask a question about you and I will get it right." He smirked at me.
"Why am I here?"
A hand gently went threw my hair.
"Because you're mine."
"Why did my dad end up like this?" I rose an eyebrow.
Ashton groaned.
"Do I need to put tape back on your mouth?"
"Why did he end up like this?"
I jumped and scooted over, softly crying. Ashton softened when he saw what I did.
"Come here."
He grabbed my forearm and pulled me to him. I sobbed more and shook my arm to break loose. Ashton ignored me and pulled me onto his lap. He kissed my temple and rubbed my back reassuringly.
"Don't touch me." I whimpered, jerking forward.
I may have sorta forgot he was driving. The car jerked over. Ashton got hold of it and looked at me.
"Do you want us to die?" He whispered in my ear, pulling over.
"You're already going to kill me." I argued.
"No, Jenna. I'm not going to." Ashton promised, going to the passenger seat.
He grabbed a bag and pulled out tape with a black case. Ripping a piece of tape off, he placed it on my mouth, making sure there was no air bubbles by pushing down.
"So fucking beautiful." Ashton whispered to me, kissing my neck.
I whimpered and went to move, only for him to hold me back. Ashton opened the black case and went through it.
"Paralyze, paralyze, knockout."
He pulled one out, and my eyes widened. He can't knock me out. What if he'll rape me? I shook my head and tugged at my arm. It was useless against the grip he had against me.
"You'll be out for 2 hours." Ashton explained, pushing the needle into me.
I muffled a "no", but it was too late. I felt dizzy and a gentle hand pushed my head onto a shoulder. I shook my head repeatedly, battling my eyes to stay open.
"Jenna, face it. Your loosing, just close your eyes babe."
Lips went against my temple, then I black out.
(Before and after he gets Jenna.)
Making sure Jenna will stay at Milani's house for awhile, I gave her a quick picture and then left. I know she'll be okay, she's a smart girl. I got in my car and went through my bags, making sure I had everything for me to take Jenna tonight. Finally, after months, I was ready to take her. First, something needs to be done. I drove to my destination.

I got at the place I need to be, and got my knife and placed it in my pocket. I checked to make sure nobody was out, then walked to the door.
"Okay, it's open." I said to myself, opening the door quietly.
"Jenna? That you bitch? You better have gotten me more beer or else it'll be more than just a kick in your stomach." A voice groaned from the family room.
I didn't answer.
"DAMN IT! ANSWER ME!" He yelled, getting up.
"Fucking bitch." He muttered, walking into the kitchen.
I hid behind the door, knife ready in hand. He slammed open the door, muttering words.
"JENNA! BITCH COME OUT!" He screamed.
I walked out from behind the door, making him turn. As usual, it was an open bottle of beer, half drank.
"Who the fuck are you?" He slurred a bit.
"You don't know me?" I chuckled, playing with my knife in my hands.
"Ashton Austin." His eyes widened.
"It's Irwin. Ashton Irwin. Apparently, I hate the tone and attitude you give to Jenna."
"Well, than take her. Her mother left her, you can kill her. Just spare me." He begged.
"That's not what I am here for."
With that, I threw my knife at him. He groaned when it landed in his stomach. I walked over as he fell the the ground. I pulled my knife out and continued to stab him. Blood poured out of his stomach, coating my fingers.

He stopped struggling and I dragged him into the family room, throwing him on the couch. I walked to the kitchen and cleaned off my knife and hands. Drying them off, I went to Jenna's room. I walked in and smiled, knowing she won't be in here again, and started to pack her things.

I looked down at Jenna as she slept. She's so damn beautiful and she's so fucking cute and innocent, why did she end up with a monster of a father? I leaned close to her ear.
"I love you. You didn't deserve a life like this. You deserved to be treated like queen and not a nothing in the world. You're something to me. I promise that I'll never hurt you, ever. I'll kill myself if I laid a finger on you like that, you've been through it way to much. I also promise that I will protect you from anyone who wants to hurt you. Nothing will and can hurt you around me. I love you, Jenna." I whispered in her ear as she slept.

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