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Thank you so much @FatPatriciaYus for the beautiful cover! It was such a hard decision! You guys sent me in best covers I have ever seen!! It was the hardest decision I've had to make. I even went to all my family members, and friends needing their opinions. If yours wasn't picked don't worry I will still put them through out the book and you will get a dedication :) THANK YOU EVERYONE SO MUCH!!

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Carter Miller has always been in the spotlight. When your parents happen to be a rich CEO and a famous author, you shouldn't be surprised to have the attention of everybody. However instead of embracing it, Carter rather shy's away from it. Now that she is off to college, she can escape from all the camera's and drama. Especially, from being compared to her older brother Luke. But luck does't seem to be on her side as she has to attend the same college as Luke and his best friend who she's been crushing on, Ethan Galloway. She tried to keep it hidden but when one of her closest friends starts to fall for Ethan her feelings get worse. But what she doesn't expect is to befriend the well-known 'bad boy' of campus and learns to let go. Throw in an over-protective brother, a rude mysterious 'bad boy', and your friend liking the same guy; let's just say you have a recipe for disaster.

Thank you as well Foreverz_Ali for the amazing summary/description! I love it!


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Hello everyone! This is my newest story and I hope you guys enjoy it. This is a sequel to "Something Inside" but it can stand alone. YOU DO NOT NEED TO READ IT TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON IN THIS BOOK. This book is about Carter, Layla & Ashton's daughter, and her finding her way through life and love. Layla and Ashton will pop up a few times but this isn't their story so don't expect to see them often. Also Luke Miller will be seen quite frequently through out but this isn't about him either, in the future I may write a separate story about his life and finding his love.

I hope you guys in enjoy this book just as much as my other ones :) Always feel free to message me, I will answer, and too comment and vote! I love you guys :)



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