Clingy Chris.

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"Y/nuhhhhh, stop movinguhhhh" Chris said trying to get comfortable with his head laying on my chest and his body between my legs.

"Chrisuhhh, can I go to the kitchenuhhh?" I asked trying to move him.

"No Nigga ion feel like movin'"

"Lazy Ass" I mumbled finally pryed him off of me and hopped out of bed.

"Why you keep leavin' me in here?" he whined slipping out the bed,following me through the hallway.

"Why you keep following me?" I asked.

"Cause I missed you BAAAAEEEE!!!" he yelled and jumped on my back.

I held onto his legs.


He held onto my forehead singing Beyonce loudly and in a ghetto way.


"Maurice, I just want some soda. Okay?"

"Then get some soda nigga" he said jumping off my back.

I rolled my eyes,smirking.

I got a can of soda out of the refrigerator as Chris watched my every move.

I cracked the soda looking at him staring at me from across the island.

I took a sip of the soda as a smirk appeared on his face.


"I like the way you swallow that" he slid across the island top grabbing me and pulling me into him then licked my face.

"Eww, you do the most."

"Yes,That I do but you love it."

"I guess so" I said walking away from him going up the steps.

Then I was swept off of my feet by Chris then he dashed up the steps.

"why the hell are you running?"

"I cut off all the lights downstairs." he said sitting me down.

He took my soda and put it on the nightstand.

"Let's Cuddle again boo boo kitty." he poked out his bottom lip.

I layed back.

"Come on Clingy."

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