Chapter 24

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*Ajay Pov*

I woke up hearing a slight groan and looked up to see Jiya moving a little while gulping for air.

I walked outside her room and rushed towards the kitchen and saw everyone sitting down at the table.

"You are fired." I said, looking at Ms.Rose.

"Sir... sir I didn't know." She stuttered.

"It doesn't matter, she is my wife or not. But you should not do that kind of stunt at all." I said in a stern voice.

"Ms.Rose! You can leave, and we will talk about this later." Dad said, and she nodded walking away with her friends.

"You can also leave, Mr.Raj." Dad said.

"I would like to stay for her, Sir." He said.

"But..." Dad started to say.

"He is her friend, Dad. She may need him." I said, and he nodded.

Her parents just stayed stunned and her father slowly said, "I am glad you got to know it finally regarding what you did."

"You know?" Jiya's Mother asked.

"Yes! She called me when she was in hospital and made me promise not to tell anyone." He replied, and I frowned.

"You know about Sahil from way before?" Aunty asked.

"Yes! I know everything, and I believed her words without a doubt." He replied sighing.

"So that is how you both already planned the shifting even before the court gave the judgement. But why didn't you tell me?" She asked frowning.

"When should I inform you? You didn't leave her alone bugging her to get Sahil released. I can't fault you because I was also wrong with her for all these years." He replied and I just stood stunned.

"Oh no!" She whispered and held her face in her hands.

"Mom! She needs some food and water and also give me the tablets to give her." I said looking at her.

She waved at Kaki and when Kaki went inside the kitchen to put the food, she walked towards me.

She slapped my cheek so hard that I felt the resound in the room. I closed my eyes and looked down.

"You are not my Son at all. You did all this to a girl even after you know what happened to your sister?" She asked in disgust.

"I know, I am wrong Mom, and nothing will make my wrong doing right." I replied still looking down.

"Our grandchild is dead and that is just due to you. Did you see how broken, she is?" She asked.

"Yes, Mom! I am a criminal, and I will bear that till my last breath. What I want is to get her out of this depression. It is not good for her." I replied.

"Durga must be hating you for doing this to a girl and that too to her best friend." Dad said, and we all turned to look at him in shock.

"Best friend?" I asked him frowning.

"Yes! Jiya and Durga are best friends, and I met her way before in Palghar. Durga loved Jiya with her whole heart." He replied, and I saw the disappointing look on his face.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Mom asked him.

"She didn't want anyone to know." He replied.

"I will go and give her food." I said, taking the tray still shocked with another news.

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