Chapter 20

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Trinity POV

I can't believe My mate killed his own dad. For what? To become Alpha?

I sigh confused and knock on Allison's door. I have so much to ask her and I am demanding answers.

"Trinity?" Allison appears in the door way with a surprised look on her face, but in her eyes I can tell she was expecting me.

"Hey. Can I come in and talk?" I asks shyly and she nods pulling me in.

"What's up?" She asks smiling, laying back in the bed and I frown. Isn't she wondering about earlier? Isn't she going to warn me about Grayson like before?

"I, uh, wanna talk about about what happened to Grayson." I say sitting next to her and I see guilt flood in her eyes then instantly goes away.

"Nothing really happened." She shrugs cooly and I furrow my eyebrows.

"What do you mean nothing happened? Your brother hurt you? It was like it wasn't even him down there! Why do you keep telling me he's a monster?" I exclaim angrily and she lets out a shaky laugh.

"Trinity calm down. Your his mate and his wolf was angry at the fact you wanted to leave him. Grayson's just a possessive Alpha. Nothing more to it." She states coldly and I flinch.

"Well if I'm going to become Luna to this pack and accept my possessive Alpha, then I demand you give me the answers I want." I snap back and I see a battle on her face like she's holding something back.

"I have to go see Rose." She tells me lowly and she picks up a bag of the ground.

"What? Allison! Wait!" I shout as she starts walking down the hall. What's her deal? Why won't she tell me anything?

There is only one reason my only friend her wouldn't talk to me.

"Grayson!" I scream frustrated down the halls and I follow his scent leading to his office.

"You." I growl stalking in the room where he sat with a smug smirk on his perfect face.

That little shit head.

"Me?" He asks innocently and I growl angrily.

"Yes." I hiss coldly and his smile disappears and is replaced with a frown.

"Don't use that tone with me." He warns and I flip him off resulting in a low grumble from his chest.

"Don't fucking tell me what to do." I snap back.

"Don't disrespect me." He snarls showing his canines, but I laugh. He won't do anything.

"Or what? You'll bite me?" I chuckle teasing him and he growls loudly shaking the windows.

"Maybe I will." In less then a second I'm shoved up against the wall and he has both hands above my head with a knee in between my legs so I can't move.

"Let me go." I struggle in his grip and freeze when he runs his nose over my neck.

"Your mine." He rumbles his grip on my wrists tighten as he inhales my scent.

"Yes, I'm yours." I assure to calm him down and I can feel him slightly relax as he purrs in approval.

Who the hell purrs? I chuckle in my head at the thought of the big bad Alpha purring.

"Why are you mad, mate?" Grayson asks placing a kiss at the base of my neck and I hold back a moan.

"W-what did you t-tell Allison?" I shiver as he places more kisses and I accidentally let a moan slip causing him to growl, pulling me closer to his embrace.

"Nothing." He whispers near my ear and I frown gently pushing him away.

"Stop lying." I growl and he snarls back louder, demanding respect.

"Don't push me away." He demands and I still in his arms letting him relax to my scent.

"Let's not fight." I sigh and he nods agreeing before reluctantly pulling away finally.

"All I told Allison was to not tell you about the past." He tells me after a few moments and I frown.

"Why? That's not fair." I huff plopping down in a seat.

"Cause I want to be the one to explain. I don't want you to hate me." Grayson admits and I suddenly feel pity for him. I could never really hate him.

"Grayson, I won't ever hate you again." I assure walking up to him and wrap my arms around his waist.

"You hated me before?" He whispers hurt and I feel guilty.

"Well, you weren't exactly at the top of my favorites list." I chuckle and he pulls me closer.

"I don't want you to ever try to leave me again." He growls remembering when I rejected him I guess.

"I was stupid and missed my family, I'm sorry." We stayed holding each other in silence after that for at least ten minutes.

"Speaking of family, I should probably call them." I announce pulling away.

"No." Grayson pulls me back.

"We aren't starting this pushing pulling thing again." I groan struggling to get out of his arms.

"I won't let them take you from me." He growls and I chuckle.

"Jeez your over reacting, I'm not going anywhere."

"I don't want you talking to him?" Grayson snarls possessively.

"My father? Oh goodness, do you think I'll run away and marry him?" I tease and he glares.

"Don't speak of you with another male." He snaps with his eyes growing dark and I roll mine.

"Jesus, that's disgusting. Anyways, he is still my dad so you'll have to suck it up." I reply sassily pointing my finger at his chest.

"Only if it's on speaker." He huffs.

"Thanks!" I squeal and peck him on the cheek before skipping over to where I laid my phone earlier.

"Hello?" My dad picks up on the third ring with a tired voice.

"Hey, dad it's me." Grayson motions for me to put it on speaker and I roll my eyes before obliging.

"Trinity? When are you coming home? Your mother and brother can't wait."

"Well there's been a delay, I'll be there as soon as possible though." I reply causing Grayson to step closer to me and growl lowly.

"Who was that? What kind of delay?" My dad demands.

"Tell him the fùcken truth, you aren't leaving me." Grayson growls in my ear causing me to shiver.

"I'll call you later, I have to go to the bathroom and then take a shower." I say quickly and hand up.

"Dammit Trinity, you are not leaving me." Grayson shout knocking over a chair.

"Damn, chill. I know I'm not, I'm just couldn't face telling them yet.." I reply sheepishly.

"Well I don't give a fuck about their feelings."

"What about me? What about my feelings?" I shoot back.

"Your right," Grayson sighs catching me by surprise," I'm sorry I've been acting like an asshole babe."

"Yeah you have." I scoff causing him to chuckle.

"Come ere." He meets me halfway toward him, where he was leaning on the desk, and embraces me in his hold.

"I don't like it when we fight." I mummer breathing on his musky scent.

"Me either. I'll try to get better for you, I'll try to be better for you." Grayson promises placing small kisses on his mark on me.

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