Chapter 29- A mistake

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James sat casually on his couch as he sipped from a glass of wine, the taste dancing upon his taste buds. He sighed as he flickered through the tv channels on the plasma tv upon his wall. It was way too early to be drinking but he couldn't resist not to.

"James, where's your bathroom again." A voice came from upstairs. James looked up to the top balcony of his first floor and sighed. "Just on your right. Don't be long, I need to go work." Taylor who was leaning over the banister, snorted rolling her eyes before skipping off to the bathroom still barely covered in his shirt. This was one of the reasons why he was drinking. Sleeping with woman seemed to be the only answer when he was drugged up about how he was feeling. He thought treating Harper harshly would have dissolved his feelings however instead the lush of not being able to hold her just sent him crazy, he was distracted by her. After yesterday, on the night he was so bundled up that he called over Taylor, slept with her but it did no good whatsoever. She had promised not to breathe a word to anyone, she had the apparent reason that she only wanted a good time. Ring her up anytime was her words.

What was wrong with him he thought. A month ago at least, he was a filthy rich billionaire player, slept with models and couldn't give a dam what the press thought of him. Now he was drawn to a woman that he would have never thought was his type and now trying to hopefully press a deal by keeping out of trouble with love scandals.

Taylor soon came springing down the stairs, her wrinkled sundress hardly leaving anything to her imagination as she pursed her lips reapplying her lip gloss.

"Swear none of this will go out to press." James said. She rolled her eyes putting on her denim jacket. "James, I never said a word that last time. Look, I won't be running to anyone soon. I told you, I come with no strings attached. Call me again." She said battering her eyelashes before heading for the door. Manny was coming out the kitchen headed over to James. "Not staying for breakfast?" James shook his head as Manny jerked her chin to the door where Taylor had exited out. "Are you okay, sir?" She asked as she picked up his empty glass. James nodded getting up."I'm fine, just call Samuels to get the car ready." Manny nodded, sighing as she shook her head. It was obvious to her, her boss was just as oblivious as it gets.

Harper was refilling the kettle in the kitchen of their apartment when she heard the patter of feet heading downstairs. She turned slightly, her smile deflating as she hoped it was Dani but rather was Duke. Since the nightclub, she had dodged from being specifically left alone with him,it had been difficult but she managed, now that failed. She held her breath waiting, daring not to turn her head around. Duke headed straight where she was, he moved his arm that brushed against hers trying to reach for a cereal box, Harper gasped stepping to the side in disgust, it felt like she had been touched by a lit match.

"Harper." He croaked, holding out his hands.

"No, Duke! Don't." She protested, as he tried to step forward. "Just don't even dare." Duke sighed in frustration before knocking off the cereal box that was on the counter onto the floor. Harper jumped back, her back hitting into the counter. The grains of cereal were spilt all over the floor, Duke threw his hands in the air before heading out the kitchen. "Screw this." He spat. Harper felt her eyes threaten with tears, she couldn't cope with this. Not only was she being messed about with these dam feelings, she hadn't got past what Duke tried to do. Was she a bad person for not forgiving him yet? Turning off the kettle she grabbed her bag off the side in the hallway and headed straight out the door even bypassing Dani who was coming downstairs probably from Duke's actions.

Harper climbed into the car starting the ignition, the tyres burning against the road surface as she headed onto the road. She drove going nowhere, didn't have a clue but stopped off on the curb near a park. Harper couldn't keep it in as the growing urge of crying fell upon her, she held her head into her arms upon the wheel steering. The feeling like she kept this all in. Even more so, now her boss was treating her like none of what happened the past weeks or the fact she played as his fake girlfriend didn't matter, he didn't want anything to do with her. Sniffling she used her sleeve from her cardigan to wipe away her tears, she looked in the rear mirror, she was grateful her mascara hadn't smudged yet.

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