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Hey,my name is Alisha,and that's it.

I'm not trying to be rude, I am rude and now welcome to my rudy life(if that's a word.)

I'm nineteen, done with college and venturing into the world (drum roll).

I just got this wonderful job, not far from town and i'm finally happy to stay as far as possible from mum and her wonderful annoying ways.

Getting up from bed,I sleep nude...well sometimes...most times....okay fine,I sleep nude,it just makes undressing to get to the bathroom easier, I start work pretty early,I got all the details needed from the mail that was sent.

Putting on an ankle length, yellow gown,combing my shoulder length hair,and picking my pink sandals which was opposite my room door,I got downstairs to see mum with her sweet smile and packed brownies waiting for me.


''Hey baby,so happy for you,I heard that BROOKS COMPANY is really big,you know,I also checked it out''

''Pretending like you didn't hear what I said earlier,right???''

She laughed and pecked me,saying the usual 'i love you' and 'thanks for the pack'. I made my way to my sexy sleek black Mustang (can't stop drooling),my dad got it for me as a 'my baby is out of college' gift,admiring the sexy car,I got in,said my morning prayer and took the left turn,out of town.

'if you're keeping your promise,i'm keeping mine,sometimes I wanna walk in your shoes,do the kind of things that I'll never ever do,I t.......'

Cutting the song by answering,my bestie did that,she said she wants me to remember her in a beautiful way,how does JEALOUS by Beyonce help??

''Hey A,how's the job going''

Looking at my GPS which told me to turn,I shook my head ''i'm not even there yet and change your ringtone Child of God''

''Yes momma,well get there fast and tell me all about it later''

''hmm mmmmm''


''C,I can't come over,i'm sorry...I kno....'' interrupted by the disconnect button,she does that,it's her way of telling me she's pissed.

Parking my car,I got down and picked up my Versace bag and walked to the company, the architect of this company had actual brains (yea I added s,sue me),getting myself together,i pushed through the seemingly difficult front door as a security guard assisted me from inside,I smiled and thanked him,the interior was stunning, the chandelier in center of the hall,creamy walls,marble floor,a tinted elevator (money!!!),and a well sculpted staircase leading to the rest of the building (I guess),noticing the built-in- curved- creamy table with fresh lilies and a card at the right corner of the hall, I got closer and took a closer look 'you are welcome,we are so happy to work with you' that was definitely mine,this job helps in two different ways.

a)I get to manage my attitude (at least I can acknowledge I have a very nasty one..that's a plus.)

b)I spend my entire time smiling and helping people who come in to find where they want to be easily,if you don't still get me.

I'm the person you meet immediately you come into the company....which means.....i'm the SECRETARY OF BROOKS COMPANY!!!!..i guess they have other secretaries around the company,but i'm the first one and the only one here...yeaaa.....no big deal.....i'm lying,hope you know that.

''Hy ma'am,how may I be of help to you''.

''Hy dear,i'm trying to figure out where the marketing meeting is taking place''

Pasting my best smile ''just take the elevator on your left, floor 7,that's where you want to be ma'am''

She looked at me and pecked my cheek ''Thanks honey,you just made my day''.

I smiled,let me explain this to you,she leaned over and pecked me from where I was (remember my built-in-curved creamy kinda table like area) I blusheddddd.

I didn't really have much to do,everywhere was quiet,like really quiet,BROOKS company is one of the many multipurpose companies around,but the difference is that,this is the best,yes!!! the best.

I can't still figure out how I got the job,but I thank God,not long after I had gotten into work,a lady,Blondie,came over with a little pack of strawberries and said ''Hy,i'm Brittany,it's such a pleasure to have you here Alisha Bright'' I had been surprised that she knew my full name (what was I expecting,of course they ought to).

''Thank you'' I smiled and she winked and left,she looks like the friendly type or so I think.

Admiring her knee length, straight, long, blue skirt and her plain, white, chiffon shirt,and taking a few seconds to admire her 'your feet's are gorgeous' red pumps,I smiled (I just found a new interest).

'If he did it before, he can do it agai....'

''Oooo hello,how are u sweetheart,thanks for cutting the call while I was still talking,you're the best bf ever and quite obedient'' I commended her about changing her ringtone as I checked around,praying I wasn't being heard.

Carla laughed ''whatever,have you seen the boss yet???''

I knew she was eating,you could hear the crunch crunch.

''C,it doesn't work that way,I just started work,you don't see your boss on the first day''

''Says who''

''Says me''

''hmmmmm,okay,so are you coming over''

''Don't you dare hang up on me,I might,might not,before I forget,a lady called Brittany,she came to welcome me,she even got me a little pack of strawberries,she's really a good dresser herself,she was on YFG pumps'' I took out a brownie from the pack, ''whattttt''

I laughed,my bestie loves YFG shoes,I was a fan also but she's a bigger fan.

''i have to go,love ya''

Putting my hand through my hair,I smiled.

''Love you too A''

Packing up my stuff, a guy in sweats walked in, o...k...ay what was going on, ''hello,can i help you'' he looked around and....wait,whattttt,did he just ignore me???.

''Sir,how can I help you''

He still didn't answer,he just walked towards me,okay,i'm getting really pissed,hope I still have my pepper spray (even if you did A,you aren't holding your bag).

Preparing to get into my full Alisha mode,I hear heels running down the stairs,Brittany comes down,breathing a little bit hard, ''i'm so sorry Sir,I was a little bit delayed'' WHATTTTTTTTTT,I watched as she gave him the files that she was with,he looked at me ''Hey,next time someone comes in and doesn't reply your questions,you keep quiet and call security,you got that'' it didn't sound like an advice,it was definitely a command,so much for thinking that my boss was a crazy guy in sweatshirt.

''Hey,you can go now,that's all'' I was so confused,I nodded,packed my stuff and was about to leave when Brittany touched my hand and smiled ''goodnight Alisha''

''Goodnight Brittany''.

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