Chapter 1 - Our Feelings

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Robin's POV

I'm at the rooftop, sitting, looking and watching the sunrise. Actually, I'm practicing how I will confess to Star. Since I'm alone here at rooftop, I can practice freely.

"Starfire.....I like you."

Wait, it's wrong. I touch my hair and realize my mistake. I don't like her....I love her. I brush my hair using my hand and took a deep breath.

"Star....I have to tell you something."

"What is it Robin?"

My eyes widened, almost surprised and look at...her. I saw on her face that she's waiting for my answer. Oh, so that's why I don't hear some footsteps because she's floating.


"How long are you...floating there?" I asked her wearing my surprised face.

"Oh I'm here exactly when you said 'Star......I have to tell you something.'"

Oh, so she didn't hear when I said "Starfire.....I like you." a while ago.

"What will you tell me thing of some?" she asked then she sit beside me, smiling at me as my heart beat fast.

"'s...nothing." I said and tried to smiled at her. She just smiled back and look at the sunrise.

To be honest....I'm not still ready to confess my feelings to her. I still don't know when.

Sometimes, there is a chance to do it's a wrong timing. Every time I tried to confess to her, someone or something disturb the moment.

Well, I guess I need to wait for the right time to confess.

I'll just enjoy our moment.
I'll just enjoy our friendship.
I'll just enjoy when we're together.

I really love her and I'll do everything for her. She's important to me and I don't think I will be happy if she's gone in my side like a bubble.

I need her.

I never experienced or feel the way I feel right now. I became more happier when she's in our team. She's strong, kind, brave, powerful and many more that I need as a leader.

She's my dream girl.

She never failed to make me smile. Every day I always think about her.

She's single.
I'm single, too.

Sometimes, I can't stop thinking that she likes me too. I'm strong, brave, smart and handsome. :D

It's true but my personality isn't the reason why I can't stop thinking that she likes me too.

The reason is every time they mentioned my name, she blushed.

I look at the sunrise and smiled as I remember her face. Her green emerald eyes, short eyebrows, long red hair, light-orange skin, cute nose and soft lips.

I love you Star and you will be mine...soon.

Starfire's POV

I do feel something on my belly. I open my eyes and I saw Silkie. Oh, maybe he's hungry. I grab him, get his food and feed him.

I do the moved my curtain to the left and to the right. It is still the rise of sun. I have still time to watch it in the top of roof.

I do fix my bed and put Silkie to sleep. I float going to the top of roof and I saw...Robin.

"Star....I have to tell you something."

"What is it Robin?"

He look at me, wearing his surprised face.

"How long are you...floating there?"

"Oh I'm here exactly when you said 'Star......I have to tell you something.'"

"What will you tell me thing of some?" I asked him then I do sit beside him. I feel some butterfies in my belly.


I look at the rise of sun. It's so beautiful. Every morning, I go here at the top of roof to watch the rise of sun. I'm always happy when I do wake up in the morning because me and Robin watch the rise of sun together.

He is the reason why I am always happy. He make sure I'm safe, he do everything just for me.

I love Robin.

I'll just wait when he will become mine because every time I do get jealous (because many girls do the flirting to him), I realize that we are not in a ship of relation.

Author's Note
Hello readers! Sorry for waiting you for this update. I make it long because I'm super duper busy in school. Don't worry I will update the next chapter in August (I don't know what date). I'll just finish the things I need to do in school. Hope you understand. Enjoy! Stay safe.

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