Chapter 1

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I can't believe this.
I can't fucking believe this.

I was just starting to like Jack, my kids were starting to like Jack and that asshole really just shoved a gun to my face in front of my kids and forced us into a typical white van.

I don't know how to feel right now, I'm feeling so many things that I apparently can't choose on one.

I'm freaking terrified but I have to put a brave front for my kids, I look over to them from the front seat I was forced into and saw my precious daughter and son scared out of their minds. They held onto each other and sometimes would squeeze they're eyes shut when they're feeling scared.

That makes my blood fucking boil.

It hurts my heart to see them so scared, my babies shouldn't have to feel any fear and yet here they are with there huge eyes filled with tears as they shook like leaves. Tear Tracks marks their little red cheeks just waiting on mommy to wipe them away.

When I had gotten pregnant that fateful night six years ago, god has blessed me with twins. Believe me when I say it was difficult, learning everything from scratch just to provide for these little people, who, mind you don't look nothing like me at all! Nope they got all their looks from their NA daddy.

My kids are literally my whole life if anything ever happens to them, I'll go crazy. So as a mom, I'll do my very best plus some of get my kids out of here.

"Please don't do this Jack," I croaked out, my voice sounded weak for the fear that he or someone will hurt my kids.

"Shut the fuck up, slut" he said to the windshield as he drove for what must have been three hours already. He had a gun that was gripped tightly in his hand as he drove with his face close to the steering wheel, looking around wildly as if he's about to get caught.

He suddenly swung the car over to the next lane a bit to quickly I had to hold onto the door so I don't go toppling onto his lap, I heard a thud from behind me and snapped my head back to see what the fuck it was. My twins pressed up against the door.

"Drive right you fucking dumbass!" I hissed, he said something but I wasn't really focused.

The imagine of the door sliding open and the kids falling out is replaying over in my head and i can't stop it.  Why must I over think things?

The car came to screeching halt in front of what looked to be an old warehouse, I watched out of the passenger window as three men came out from the rotten garage of the warehouse and walked over our way.

One was a red head
One was a Brown head
And the other was a blond

I honestly don't care how the look like all I know is the vibes rolling off them are not good

"Shit" I hissed as they came closer, my mind all ready imaging all the crazy shit that's might go down.

I eyed the lock and pressed down on it, the whole car sounded with the sound of the lock. I turned towards Jack as if they all hadn't heard that and spoke.

"Why are you doing this?" I asked him, his joy filled eyes caught mines and blazed.

"lets put it simple. Because I can" he smiled

I looked out over to my window to see the dudes already pressed up against my door as the damn locked sound.

The car door swung open and red head hands was digging in my hair, I quickly grabbed both his wrist so he wouldn't rip my hair right out if its roots when he roughly pulled me out of the car.

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