Carlos~ Jealous

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Carlos Pov
I was sitting in the lunch room in Big Luna and I was getting annoyed with Del and my close friend Tyler because they were going back and forth about some Falcon chick. It was only us at the table while the rest were packed. No one would dare sit at my table except Del and Tyler. The only people I trust. I huffed in frustration.

My father summoned me to tell me that the treaty has been dealt with and that we are now allowed on American soil. But that was the good part. The shocking and horrifying part was when he told me that I should start looking for a mate among the humans. I am not ready to find a mate, least of all a human! He said it would strengthen our alliance with the them.

Darius believes that humans are intelligent enough to be convenient but they are foolish and idiotic for over using their resource. I have a different view. I think that they are valueble and that an alliance with them would be very rewarding.

We have maintained an alliance with the humans for fifty years and I wasn't about to be the reason it is demolished so I agreed.

I messed around with the food in my plate, too stressed and angry to eat. After the conversation I've been avoiding everyone and running my hands through my hair until my dark curls stood up.

"Del, she was looking at me I swear we made eye contact and had a connection," said Tyler. Del scoffed.

"Ya right what are you gonna do? Mate with her? Dude get over it she has a boyfriend, he said. Tyler always had a knack for catching eyes of girls who are taken. She wasn't too bad looking, with a pixy hair cut and skinny body. And I did see her looking at him.

Human relationships were completely different from ours. We can fuck around but once we decide to do the mating rituals then we are with them for life. If we decided to separate then it would cause us a deep pain that is unbearable but we can live with it. When Falcons love, we love deeply and hard. At least that's what I'm told.

I stayed silent while Del attempted to convince Tyler to say seated and to leave the girl alone. She was sitting across the room with her boyfriend. A buff Falcon named Ben who was a fighter. My mind kept wandering to the conversation I had with my father.

I have to say I was excited. My whole life I've been in the air not that I mind terribly. But I want to do the things that I've watched human do my whole life. It was like having to watch a movie your whole life without being able to experience it.

I had gotten a small taste of it that night with Eliza. To feel the grass, rocks, and breeze against my face while hearing the crickets in the distance. I was snapped out of my thoughts by Del calling my name.

"Carlos, you gotta help Tyler he's dying over there, he said. It was then that I noticed that Tyler was gone and everyone had left their seats and crowded around a fight. I stood quickly.

"What the fuck did he do now?!" I said striding over. Faces turned in my direction as they cleared a path for me that led straight to the fight.

"He started hitting on Ben's girl friend when he got up to get lunch and when he came back all hell broke loose," said Del over my shoulder. When I got to the clearing I found Ben punching Tyler in the face and kneeing him in the stomach. Before he could get in another punch I grabbed his fisted arm tightly.
He jerked his muscled golden arm back into my face and gasps went around in waves amongst the crowd.

Ben looked back in shock, realizing who he hit and went deathly pale dropping his arm. I wiped my bleeding nose. It stung a bit but I ignored it and maintained a cold face. This guy needed to learn a lesson, that you just don't start swinging blindly or you might end up hitting the wrong person. And he did.

"That's my friend there, you're beating on. But I think you knew that didn't you?" I said. Everyone knows that Tyler and Del were the only people I hung out with. Ben remained silent. Everybody always tries to get close to me because I am the prince and some girls always try get close to me thinking that there is a chance I will mate with them. But I've rejected them all. I'm not capable of love, friendship, but never love.

I knew there was no way he would strike me on purpose but after the conversation with my father I was pissed off and I felt like I needed to hit something but I held back. Tyler struggled to stand. And just because he is who he is he said, " I could have taken him Carlos," and he winked at Ben's girlfriend who looked wide eyed.

That idiot. Ben moved towards him but I intercepted him and clocked him in the face. I warned him, I did...kinda. It knocked him flat on his back knocking the breath out of him. If Tyler wanted to say more stupid shit...its his funeral. I turned and walked away as the Falcons watched me leave. I needed that.


It's odd that even though a week has passed since the night at the lake my mind still wanders to Eliza. I knew I had to find her. I was in the training room on the tread-mil and a bead of sweat glided down the side of my face. There were some chicks in sports bras with their chests busting out, starring and giggling but I paid them no notice. I was too busy thinking of Eliza. Not many people can take my shit and dish it right back to me without a second thought, and those that could were worth getting to know. I don't wanna date her, hell no. I just want to be friends. At least that's what I told myself.

That's when it hit me. I knew how I was gonna see her again. I picked pressed the stop button on the machine and hopped off and stepped into the hall. I pulled out my phone that connects our ship down to Earth.
"Yes this is Prince Carlos and I would like to speak to the person in charge regarding...a request involving a student and Jackson High named I don't know her last name but I'm sure you can find her for me, right?"

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