Chapter 22

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*Jiya Pov*

I looked around to find out a few familiar faces and many unfamiliar faces. And then a few pleasant faces and many unpleasant faces in those few familiar faces.

God this crowd is giving me a headache! I thought, shaking my head and felt so weak because of the tablets.

Everyone finally arrived except the Mehra's. Surprisingly, they all are getting ready at a time because of which I was the one who welcomed everyone.

"Finally!" I mumbled when B's parents walked down the stairs holding each other's hands.

"Joshna! You didn't tell me that you already found a girl for your son, She is beautiful." One old lady said smiling warmly at me.

Before Madam could reply, I smiled a little and said, "I am just a worker, Madam."

She nodded and continued her chatter with Mrs.Joshna. I continued to go around ignoring the snide remarks from some special people.

"Who is this pretty woman?" I heard a voice and turned to see Raj copying Srk's pose.

"I am preity zinta." I replied shrugging.

I looked around to see everyone walking towards their partners calling their names for the dance to begin.

"Who is your partner?" I asked him.

"Someone I don't want to dance with." He replied, giving me the paper.

"Destiny!" I said, smiling, looking at Ms.Rose name.

"Ewww no." He said, horrified.

"Don't worry! Someone else must have got your name, and then you could dance with at least that person." I said patting his shoulder.

"How will this theme work? I didn't understand." He said frowning.

"Look now guys pick a name and girls too pick a name. See now you picked one person's name while someone else must have picked your name." I started explaining, and he nodded.

"So you have to dance with the person you pick and also the person who picked you." I continued.

"Ok! So the girl who picked my name must already have another dance partner who must have picked her name." He said.

"Exactly! And by this, everyone will have two partners not to get bored with one." I said.

"Awesome idea." He said smiling.

"I know! But if the married or engaged couple wants they can dance too like that, but these must be followed too, at least for a few minutes." I added.

"Who picked me?" He asked, looking around and then I saw Ms.Malathi walking towards us smiling.

"So Mr.Raj, want to have a dance?" She asked.

"Definitely!" He replied.

"Rab ne bana di Jodi." I said, and he narrowed his eyes on me.

I looked around to see Mr.Mehra already staring at me. I turned away and continued to see whether everything is going as we considered.

"Mr.Mehra! I am your dance partner." I heard Ms.Rose voice.

"Lucky him!" I thought, shaking my head.

"That can never happen, Ms.Rose. I didn't put my name in the bowl at all." He said, and I turned back to see them in confusion.

"Why, Sir?" She asked frowning.

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