Chapter 3

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"Were here" Dan said pointing at a boat, with A LOT of people on it.

"I'm nervous." Katy shivered "What if it isn't anything we thought it would be."

"Oh shutup." I laughed smaking her back "We will be fine, you dragged me here now we have to go."

I jogged up close to the boat, you can tell there were drunkies, and druggies up there, it kinda made me nervous too.

"Why are you just standing here?" A voice said behind me.

I turned around to see a girl, that looks some years older than me. She wore a all red outfit, which I thought was a little to much because she was a ginger...

" Well umm.." I mumbled "My friends are being chickens and im waiting for them to catch up." I pointed back

"Oh I see." She said looking down

"Are... You invited to this party?" I asked

"Yea, to a surprise I am." She smiled
"I'm never really invited to these kind of things."

"Yeah me neither." I laughed

"Then why are you here now?" She questioned

"The chickens dragged me here." We both looked back to see Dan pulling Katy out of the woods.

"That's super ironic." She laughed

"Yeah, you telling me." I smiled

"Well Im going to head up there now." The girl smiled walking away until she turned around
"I didn't get your name."

"Oh, I'm Sarah. You?"

"Oliva, but my friends call me Liv." She smiled

"Well it was nice to meet you Liv." I waved

"You too." She waved and walked away

"She is Hot." Dan said as he walked to me

"Of course you would say that." I laughed

"So you going to give me her name?" He asked

I smiled shaking my head, as katy laughed

"What. Really Sarah."

I walked away holding onto Katy

"Sarah I'm not kinding."

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