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“Hey look! It’s the Big Dipper!”

“Lies; it’s Donald Duck, duh!

“No way, idiot! It’s the Big Dipper!”

“No, it’s Mickie Mouse!”

Aleksandra and Kyran had gotten to know each other well in those two short years they had together. Though their interests clashed, they were best friends, and spent most of their time together. It was one of those rare friendship, where nothing came between them. Well, almost nothing.


“Yes, Ky?” Allie replied, looking at Kyran’s bright blue eyes.

“I-” Kyran stopped when he heard his father’s remark.

“Can you believe them growing up and falling in love?” Peter, Kyran’s father said, chuckling.

“I think they would be a perfect match,” replied Allie’s father, John, smiling at the both of them.

Allie turned her head towards Kyran, nervously wondering what Kyran was about to say.

“Psh, no way!” Kyran replied, even though he wanted to say I love you.

“Yep. Especially with a little jerk like you,” Allie’s voice was filled with tease, but she frowned at Kyran.

He shrugged his shoulders, pretending to not care. But in fact, those words hurt him more then anything else.

An awkward silence followed, before anyone spoke a word.

“Hey, let’s play truth or dare!”

“I go first!” Allie was disappointed, but masked it with an excited grin, “Truth or dare?”


“Okay,” she smirked at Kyran and continued, “Is it true that you kissed Alyssa McFee last week?”

Kyran blanched and looked at Allie’s gem green eyes, telling her to forget and let it all go. Allie’s smirk grew wider, but deep down inside, her heart ached.

Not knowing what else to say, Kyran simply said, “I’m sorry.” 

I love you, he added silently, wishing he could say what he thought.

“I know.” Allie rolled her eyes, acting as if she didn’t care. But honestly? She did; and she cared a lot.

“Your turn, Truth or Dare?” Kyran asked, his eyes glinting with happiness and relief.


“Is it true that you like Adam Johnson?”

Allie’s eyes widen in shock, “Ew, no! I hate that boy! Why think that?” She made a face, and Kyran couldn’t help but smirk.

“I dare you to kiss me, Kyran,” Allie whispered mischievously, leaning over Kyran.

Kyran, on the other hand, was shocked. He had dreamed of kissing Allie for how long? Though only at the age of eleven, he had already dated five other girls-all to get the one he loved jealous. Allie.

Kyran leaned in to kiss her, but instead, she giggled and ran away, tricking Kyran playfully in the process. He laughed, though he couldn’t help but feel a pang of disappointment.

* * *

It was late, but the both of them were still wide awake, residing in their tent.


“Yeah?” came Allie’s soft response.

“My parents decided to move to Moscow for their job,” Kyran said sadly as he hugged Allie tightly.

“Why? Why now?” Allie’s answer barely came out as a whisper. She was feeling odd things recently and it was just wrong.  She had at first disliked Kyran when she met him. To her, then, he was just this boy who kept annoying her. But as she got to know him, she had started to like him, little by little. One day, she felt like she had been hit by a cupid: Love struck.

But now, it was as if a pan had hit her face instead.

“It’s for their project...my father’s been put in charge of a company project,” Kyran sighed.

“Oh, okay. Maybe we’ll meet again...someday.” Allie kept her face emotionless.

Silence seemed to surround them, except for an owl’s nightly hoot, the crickets’ songs, and the frogs’ jumps. Those were the only noise the two of them heard.

Until Kyran broke the silence; “I’m really sorry, Allie,” He said softly, his voice filled with sincerity.

Nothing else was said.

* * *

The following day, their parents packed all the tents and materials into the BMW while the two kids sat in the backseat, not talking.

“I’ll miss you, ya’ know.” Allie said quietly, shifting uncomfortably beside Kyran.

Kyran looked at Allie and smiled, “I’ll miss you too.”

The adults chattered, but nothing was spoken out loud between the two. After what seemed like a long thirty-minute drive, Allie and her parents arrived at their home and Kyran’s father took over the wheel. Allie’s parents retrieved their belongings, and said goodbye to the other family, for the last time. Instead, Allie curled up in their porch, depressed, looking at Kyne straight in the eye.

Her last words: “Don’t you dare forget me, Kyran Angell.”

As if Kyran could hear it, he smiled at her and waved one last goodbye.

And that was the end.


Maybe not.


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