Austin Mahone Imagine

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You have never really liked Austin Mahone but your best friend loves him. You happen to live in the same town he does and you best friend drags you to his house to meet him. Once you arrive there you ring the doorbell and two guys answer the door.

"Hey!" Your best friend squels and jumps in place. Austin still wasn't THAT famous yet, but he had fans. He smiled at you and you brushed it off and sunk into your left hip.

"Hi its nice to meet you!" Austin said signing your friends paper. His friend was staring at her smiling, she said his name was Alex.

"And you are?" Austin asks you.

"(your name)" You reply still not paying much attention. "I am Austin." Wow this guy was dumb! Of course he is Austin.

You nod and wait for your friend to finish up with her fan girling.

"Would you like to come in?" Alex asked you and your friend, you roll your eyes.

"WOULD WE!!" Your best friend says and runs into the house and you unwillingly follow her.   "So how old are you guys?" Alex asks still not taking his eyes off of your friend.

"We are both seventeen."  "Do you want anything?" Austin asks and you both shake your head no.

"Can I talk to you (your name)?" Austin asks you.

"Sure." You nod confused but follow him to the kitchen.  "Yeah?" You ask confused and annoyed. "I just want to know why you hate me so much!" He said and threw his hands in the air, this made you chuckle and you replied, "It's just.... well I don't know! I just don't like you, thats all. I mean I like you but, your kinda..." You were thinking of the right words to say.

"Sexy. Awesome. Hot. Amazingly Talented. Cute. Funny. Athletic." He said and numbered his fingers, you rolled your eyes again and looked at him.

"No I was gonna say stuck up." You say and begin to walk back to the living room when you feel something tug on your arm. Next thing you know you are only centimeters away from Austin's face. He smirks at you.

"Well your cute, and funny." With each word he got closer to your face and then he kissed you.

"Oh, and your awesome." He finished off and kissed you again.


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