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I was driving home from dropping Dani and Cj off it's 8:00am and Chris still isn't home. I tried calling him but he won't answer . I just quit trying. When I got home I walked inside and found Chris sitting at the table...


Carrie:Where the fuck have you been?!


Carrie:Places like what!

Chris:Uh studio

Carrie:Don't lie Chris

Chris:Ok I went to a..c


Chris:Sorry..*looks down*

Carrie:I finna kill a nigga..!

Chris:I was drunk

Carrie:Yea you always are!

Chris:I know I'm working on it

We were inturupted by the ring of the bell

Carrie:*opens the door* OMG!

Who do you thinks at the door?

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Oh and snuck me phone I'm bad I know!!! But imma put it back..I get it May 8th!!! Ugh!.!

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