She said yes!!

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Demi Lovato POV-

Omg I cannot believe Y/N JUST SAID YES TO MARRYING ME LIKE OMG!! I have tears rolling down my face, all happy tears though of course I just can't believe the woman I love will take my hand and I take hers doing the most important vows ever. This got to be the best highlight in my life.. Even more than becoming the singer I am today!! Ahhhh.... This day will always stay in my heart. Just want us forever I know, no I mean we will well stay together for ever I just knew the minute I put my eyes on her in that club I wanted her forever. Now I'm just the happy girl alive that I now get to put a ring on her beautiful hand!!!😅😅😅

Y/N- " babe? Babeeeeeee??????"

Demi-" yeah what's up?"

Y/N-" well you know I've just been shouting your name for the last ten mins, just zoned out.. What you thinking?"

Demi-" oh sorry.. Nothing well just that I'm the happiest person alive to have you becoming my wife and I know I've always wanted it from when I put my eyes on you back in that club babe"

Y/N *giggles* shh making me blush"


I cannot believe Demi has asked me to marry her OMG!!! This this.. Isn't real I'm dreaming and the fact my bestie is here, I've missed him so much, got soooo much to catch up on .. I need to know every little thing what's going back on in England!! Talking of England, maybe me and Demi can take a trip there.. She's always wanted to go there as In a holiday instead of work but I know she loves her work. But just different not working and having a break instead of doing all the touring.. Just might book flights to go see my side of the family which she hasn't meet like my sister, little brother well I say little bit he's not that little anymore like.. Omg I'm letting my mind run away with my thoughts here.. But right now I'm the happiest person ever, all I need to do now is have a vodka and coke down me maybe like 10...


Demi POV;

Yeah I got all our family together to share the love I have my wife to be.. I even got most of Y/N's family from England to come fly out this going to be the most perfect day ever well night but whatever. Y/N doesn't have a clue what's happening part from she things in taking her out for a lovely meal, but even once we hit the party she's not going to know because I rented out the most favourite place of hers... But just cannot wait to see her face. Time like this you need to spend it with your love ones, and lately with her feeling a little crap maybe this what she needs all her family around her because she hasn't gone no one out here family wise well her nan but thought it be nice like..


Omg I still can't get it out my head I'm going to be marrying the one person I never thought I would!! Couldn't get any more perfect... As much as I'm happy with Demi, just apart of me is missing home I just need a break from the L.A. Life and just to chill out back home with my sister, nephew and all my other family... But I also don't want to leave this life behind main reason I came over here to start fresh and leave all the bad behind.. I wish I can talk to Demi about all this but I don't think she'll understand because I've built a new life here.. Maybe next week or so I'll sit down and talk with her!! But right now what the hell i am going to wear for tonight!!

Beep beep...

Demi-" baby got held up be with you by half 6 ish now.. I'm sorry hope you understand see you soon. ILoveYou 😘 xx"

You-" oh.. Okay, gives me more time to think what to wear xx"

Demi-" okay what's wrong?xx"

You-" nothing, just not feeling 100% and need to talk to you.. But not tonight though.. See you soon xx"

Demi-" you cannot lie for nothing.. Oh babe? Your worrying me.. Please tell me now???xx"

You-" it can wait I don't want to ruin tonight xx"

Demi- "ok we will get tonight over with but I'm booking the day off tomorrow and we are talking ok?"

You-" ok babe. Iloveyou see you soon 😏"

What the bloody hell am I going to wear...
AAHHHHH!!!! What's the weather like, *picks phone up and checks*
Maybe a cute dress with converse and my lather jacket, checks the outfits in the mirror mm I must say I do look good tonight *starts laughing to myself*
*ring ring*

Y/N- *hello? Who is this?*

U/k- *hello is this Y/N? My name is Sia I'm calling as I had your number past on by a neutral friend of ours, we need to meet and talk about things, things I'm not willing to talk over the phone.*

Y/N- *yes speaking, oh hi. Who shall this friend be as I've never heard of you don't want to sound disrespectful. Listen I'm busy right now, I shall text you when I have the time as I'm confused. Bye sia!*

Sia- * wait.... beep beep *

10mins later...

Demi-* hi baby just texting you to let you know I'm 5 minutes away. Make sure your ready or else 😏*

Y/N-* I'm ready believe me!! Took me over a hour!! Also got a strange phone call just then.. talk soon*


Who the hell is Sia, I really don't know any of my friend know anyone called Sia.. I'm not going to let myself get worried. Tonight is about me and Demi, we will have so much to plan and talk about. As if she has picked me to spend the rest of her life with, just with my family could of seen it all happening.. shit speaking of family i haven't even rung them to let them know what the good news!! Oh my lord I need to ring them once I'm back home tonight!!!

Beep beep beep!!!

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