Chapter Five: F.E.A.R.

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"Concentrate." He tells me for the second time that day.

"I'm trying."

"Concentrate really really hard. Like as hard as you can. And while doing that imagine whatever you want to happen. Now, concen-"

"Would you shut up." I snap, his cup suddenly bursting into flames.

I nearly jump out of my seat at the sight. Fire. Why fire?

"You purposely did that, didn't you?" I wonder.

"Of course."

"You-uh- might want to put that out." Sophia suggest as the flames start to grow higher.

Cora holds out her hand and water appears out of nowhere, extinguishing the fire. She finally sets down the newspaper, looking fearful.

"What's up?" Levi asks.

"It's happening again." She replies.

"What is?"

"Murders and disappearances." She answer.

"You going to have to elaborate." I say.

"It's a long story." Sophia tells me. "But the short version is that there can't be a light without a dark."

"So what? Is there some dark Elemental running around killing people?" I wonder.

They all look at me, their expressions blank.

"Is that a yes?"

"There use to be a dark Elemental." Levi corrects me. His gaze is no longer kind.

"It was years ago." Cora says, preparing to jump into a explanation. "There was an Elemental who never specialized. Yes, that's possible, just very rare." She quickly adds when I open my mouth to ask a question. "Her name was Aerona Vlasta. She thought she was invincible so she tried to take control of our government. Like in America, it's a Republic, we have a Consul- an individual that acts as a president. Aerona wanted a full on dictatorship. She started gathering followers who called themselves F.E.A.R. She used people's fear against them, until she killed then, hence the name. Many use to, and still do, remain loyal."

"What happened to her?" I ask.

"She was stopped, kill actually." Cora answer. "Or so we are lead to believe."

"Then how is all this starting again if she's dead?"

"Sometimes in this world, the laws of physics don't apply." Sophia replies.

"Hello?" Levi calls "Magic." He points at my plate in front of me and it goes up in flames.

I jump back, again, nearly falling backwards off the wooden bench.

"Why are you so scared? It's just fire." He assures me.

"I have my reason." I tell him, switching out my smoking plate and charred food for the empty one next to me. "And I was going to eat that." I add, pointing at what use to be chicken.

"Listen to this." Cora demands, holding up the newspaper so she can read the small print. "As of Wednesday, August third, there have been 5 unexplained murders and 8 disappearances. Many blame F.E.A.R. Which stands for Forget Everything and Remember. F.E.A.R. was the organization that stood with Aerona Vlasta during her reign of destruction. They were dedicated to torturing people for information or recruitment. Afterwards, they would make you forget who you were and remind you of only the bad."

There was silence as we all sit, stunned, the only sound the talking and laughter around us.

"That's - well- I don't know what to say about that." I am the first to say.

"If anyone's apart of F.E.A.R. it's him." Levi sneers as he glares at Tommy from the other side of the room, who I feel sorry for at the moment.

He sits next to Victoria, who is trying her best to get his attention. She sits so close that her shoulder brushes against his as she continues to make flirting motions. I feel a wave of envy wash over me. Suddenly, the water in Victoria's cup has a mind of its own and it goes flying into her face, soaking her hair and shirt, and smearing her mascara.

"Good job." Levi says, trying his best to hold back his laughter, unlike Cora. "Should of aimed a bit more to the right." At Tommy.

"How do you know it was me?" I question.

"Just do." He answers.

"Hopefully that'll give her a wake up call to show her that Tommy is not interested." Sophia says.

"Hey Bella." Cora says hesitantly, staring down at the newspaper.


"You might find this interesting." She turns the paper around and slides it across the table, pointing at an article in the middle.

"Some of the tragic murders resemble those that took place when Aerona Vlasta was still living. One of the deaths in particular was a house fire that left no survivors. Two of the deceased were Dark Elemental Hunters. This fire was similar to the one that killed Dark Elemental Hunters Jonah and Emily Cooper nearly 15 years ago. The only known survivor was their six month old daughter- Isabella Cooper." I read aloud.

"I knew I had read about you somewhere." Sophia blurts out the second I finish.

"Is that why you're afraid of fire?" Levi asks.

"I guess." I reply indirectly, my mind is still trying to decipher what I have just read.

"So, does that mean-if your parents were Dark Elemental Hunters at that time then-" Cora can't seem to find the right words.

"Then F.E.A.R. killed my parents."    

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