The library has more books than any place I have ever seen, granted I haven't seen many places. Books, old and new, magical and non-magical lined the shelves. I grab books at random, flipping through them before returning them to their rightful place. Some have writing in different languages, others has pictures and ancient symbols.

The Transfer

One page reads in a random book I grab. It has a picture of a circular symbol, with a flame, wind, wave, and a tree; a symbol for each element. Below is writing in a different language, the translation underneath.

The day goes by slowly. We explore the castle, attempting to practice magic at the same time. Cora ends up flooding the fourth floor corridor and we make a run for it. Later that day we have Earth with Professor Coleman. She gives a long speech about how the element Earth is important, and that using your powers is tied to you concentration and emotions. We are given another book called: The Magic of Earth by Jonathan Jenkins.

The next day we have Air. Professor Hernandez gives the same speech as Professor Coleman, before giving us The Power of Air by Charlotte Armstrong to go with the collection, later that day The Uses of Elements. Wednesday is the same routine as the days before, except with Professor Ward who gives us The Uses of Fire by Aidan White. Thursday we are introduced to our final new class, Water with Professor Morrison, the book, The Gift of Water by Elizabeth Knight.

Friday, however, is inconsistent from the days before. It begins like the others. Waking up, going to breakfast, then our classes. During dinner we sit in The Hall, Cora's nose in a newspaper.

"How come you haven't at least tried to do magic?" Sophia asks.

"I've tried. They just won't cooperated." I explain to them, throwing my hands up in exasperation. This isn't the first time this week we've had this conversation.

"Concentrate." Levi commands.

"I am." I protest through clenched teeth.

"Imagine Victoria's dinner catching on fire." He suggest.

"If it was that simple then I would have already done so." I inform him.

Every night Victoria has had some snide comment to throw at Cora. If she isn't insulting her, she is telling me every flaw about every girl in our dorm, or all the gossip she has heard.

"That's Daniella Cross." She had said, pointing at the blonde girl that she had stolen the bed from the first night we arrived. "Her older brother is the one who decorated the staircase. And that's Clarissa Fuller." She pointed to another girl with red hair. "I overheard her talking to Amy, and they were planning to sneak into the third year boy's dorm so she could see her boyfriend, Jayden Neal."

All the gossip is starting to become irritating.

"Have you ever used your powers before?" Levi asks.

"Once, when I got mad and a huge gust of wind blew away a trash can." I reply.

"So anger triggers your power." He concludes. "Then get angry."

"And have her incinerate half The Hall, no thank you." Sophia argues.

"I won't incinerate half the hall!"

"You never know." Sophia says, shrugging her shoulders.

"Maybe you're one of those who have Elemental parents, but have no powers. It's very rare but it happens." Levi points out.

"Thanks, that's very reassuring." I answer sarcastically.

I concentrate as hard as I can on Levi's cup, hoping something will happen.

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