-2- / -She was a Queen-

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Part. 2 -She Was A Queen-

"Crazy = Genius" ~ Panic! At The Disco

Riley as Alexis Ren!


I stared at the car in disbelief.

How can she even be driving?

I closed my eyes and opened the car door. The smell intensified. The scent of weed and alcohol engulfed my nose. Help please! I placed my bag down in the backseat and I noticed the amount of liquor bottles and rubbery... objects  in the back seat. I mentally gagged.

I closed the door and clenched my jaw, staring straight ahead.

"Well aren't you going to say hi?" She asked bitterly.

  Couldn't you have told him to stop?

"Hi." I rolled my eyes sarcastically, biting my lip. She sighed, Her breath hitting me like a punch in the face. Yea, She has been smoking. She's probably high right now. But she is clearly hiding it with her fur jacket and white pearl necklace, with that ruby red dress and this 500,000 car that my father gave her. She can't hide everything though. Her face looked sunken and she looks like she hasn't slept in a thousand years considering how red her eyes are. She pulled out of the school's parking lot and blasted music from the stereo. Loud obnoxious music shook my head, with the volume is to the point where I can feel the vibrations in my joints.

She pulled up into our house that was worth millions of dollars, but the inside appeared to be a dump. When she stopped the car I smiled to myself in relieve and I turned around, grabbed my bag, and opened the door. I stuck my leg out, but she gripped my arm tightly.

"Aren't you going to give me a kiss goodbye?" She asked.

Weren't you going to help me?

"No mother." I said coldly and shook her hand off of me. I fully stepped out of the car, not wanting to hear another word from her.

"I'll be back... Around midnight I have to do some stuff."

"Can I ask what type of stuff you're doing mom?"She glanced around, looking lost for a second. I brushed my hand through my tangled hair .

Can't even seem to hold a simple conversation for 5 minutes.

"Um... It's business stuff don't worry about it.. Trust me though... I'm just going to go have some fun with my gals... Anyways bye honey! Love you! See you soon!" She yelled from the window and put on her shades and pulled away.

I knew that whole entire sentence was a lie. A complete and utter lie!

She thinks I don't know what she's doing or she thinks i'm oblivious to the real world, the one she took away from me.

My hopes, dreams... dream of a perfect family. I used to be a kid that jumped onto their parents bed on Christmas to wake them up and run down the stairs to open their presents. I was a kid that didn't have to mature at such a young age.

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