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It is painful to be lonely. So painful that each time the sun rises you feel dead. The sky in Middle-Earth was an ocean blue and Giselle could feel the slow breeze rushing through the trees. She could smell the flowers blooming  brightly on the bushes and she could hear the bird wings flapping ecstatically. Everything was calm. Giselle sits on a dull grey rock enjoying what Mother Nature has gifted her with. Her cottage stood alone in the forest and her pain grew as quickly as the ivy that spread across her door and the lantern above it. She was lonely and carried a broken heart, but she was away from war and suffering. Sometimes she asks questions to anyone that could hear. Are they safe? Do they miss me? Where are they?

She never received an answer.

"I found her all alone in the forest; we cannot leave this poor child"

"We will not raise her here, she is not our own, she is not our race"

"But Sir she has dwarf blood rushing through her blood, her father my King was a great dwarf warrior, do not let her suffer"

"No, it's final. Get rid of her or take her to the elves, she will not be raised in this kingdom"

It hurt. It pierced through my heart as if it was a sword. She tried; oh she did try her very hardest as I stood there awe-struck.

"My King she has nowhere to go. Her father was slain, her mother died at childbirth, she has no one to care for her. Do you have no heart? You cannot abandon her; she has done no harm to you or anyone. She is innocent as was her father"

"Her father was not innocent; her father put shame to our name by eyeing up that elf"

"Do not take it out on her, I beg you. Please, just hear me with patience; I beseech you on my knees. Please, just-just please...she can stay with me. For I have had the infortune of not being to carry myself, I will raise her as my own, teach her our ways, I will make her strong and she will prove you worthy"

She was right. I did prove them worthy. She trained me with weapons which I no longer touch and she trained me in combat which doesn't get used much. I became a famous figure in that kingdom, the first mixed race that there was. The kingdom grew kind on me, as I did on it. They soon enough welcomed me warmly as I grew up. One especially grew kind on me after I managed to pin him down to the ground in a sword fight when we were just teenagers. He told me he has never saw a woman with such strength and skill. He told me he had never seen anyone so radiant with his eyes. I miss that being the reason for my smile. Ever since the whole City was destroyed, my heart was destroyed along with it.

Grief was all I could see. Smoke, screams and hurried footsteps filled the air horrifically. I grip onto my knife's handle tightly as I watch him shout for help. That's when my loyalty was shattered. They stood there looking upon us, they saw the destruction and the horror that we had gone through but they simply turned away, abandoning our calls. I am not going to get away from this. Trouble is boiling and I don't want to play a part in it.

Ever since that day, they disrespected part of my family even more, disgracing them with insults. I would sit there and listen to it, day in and day out. I understood they were mad but they had their reasons. They were insulting my blood relatives, some had turned against me but he stuck by me and I shown no thanks as I stuck to the road that lead me away because I was not going to stay. I, myself would only make matters worse. I did not belong with them, I did not belong with my other kind, I belonged on my own, I am relic that is meant to be alone.


So I hope that you liked this prologue. It is just a little starter to this story! I have posted a photo on the right side of what I expect Courtney's home to look like. Thank you for reading.

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