chapter twenty

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"Ouch!" I yelled for the umpteenth time as I fell face first into the dirt. It was now dark outside and I was pretty sure I was lost. My left knee and elbow were bleeding, and I scratched my right cheek and my right pinky.

Rouge said I was supposed to walk until I reached gravel, news flash: there's no fucking gravel!

Oh... I found it. I mentally slapped myself as I started my route on the gravel road. My feet were aching, and I was really wishing I'd been able to wear shoes.

I stopped in my tracks when I saw the house, or should I say creepy mansion. It was huge, dark, and just downright spooky. I walked a little bit closer before I started to run.

I ran to the door, knocking as hard and loud as I could. Here goes nothing, "Help! Please someone help me!"

The door was yanked open, and I nearly fell but a body caught me just in time. I turned quickly and slammed the door shut, clinging to the man in front of me.

"Please, you have to help me. These men- they chased me and oh god, please," I cried out. The man pulled me arm distance to take my appearance in.

"Oh sweetheart, you came to the wrong place," he spoke menacingly. And before I could question his words, he pushed me into the door, causing my head to bang on the doorknob rendering me unconscious.

Rouge's point of view:

"Has she made it?" I asked Ace for the fourth time in the last thirty minutes. He checked the GPS locator app on his phone and smiled.

"She's in the house," he said back.

"Let's go," I spoke, grabbing my jacket. Ace yelled for the guys and they all filed into the kitchen.

"Okay someone has to stay here," I said, silently reminding everyone about the girls.

"Shit, I totally forgot about them," Ace said. "Brydon, you okay with staying?"

He nodded and went into the living room.

"Ready or not here we come," I announced as we we started out the house.

Back to Blakely's point of view:

I opened my eyes and groaned. The pounding in my head was in rthym with my heartbeat.

"Glad to see you're awake," a male's voice sounded as I took a long look around the dark room. I saw a tall man leaning against a wall, staring at me. "What's your name kid?"

I tried sitting up, but realized I was tied to a bedpost, how typical. "Blakely," I whispered.

"It's so nice of you to join us," he sneered. "I hope you don't get the feeling that I don't enjoy your company. But I must get going for I have issues that need attending to. Someone will be in here shortly to keep you company. See you soon," his voice was laced with sarcasm. He flipped a switch and a world of colors bursted before my eyed adjusted to the light.

The room was cold and seemed like a cell of some sort. He waved at me before disappearing through a door I had yet to notice. I pulled at my bindings on my wrists and ankles, with no luck whatsoever. What did Rouge get me in to, I asked myself as I relaxed my body.

Several minutes later, the door swung open capturing my attention. An elderly man walked in; he looked to be in his late 40s or something. He smiled at me, a crooked look on his aged face.

"What's the plan?" he growled, sounding younger than he should.

"What?" I muttered uneasily.

"You fucking heard me! We're not stupid. You're one of the girls of River's folk. Now that he's dead, his brother decided to what- get you to bust up in here and play hostage?" He walked towards me slowly. I was at a lost for words. "You wanna go home? Tell us the plan and we'll take you wherever you need to go."

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