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"Pssst, Blakely?" the all-too familiar voice came from beside me as I lie on my side in the bed, trying to stay asleep. "Are you awake? Hey?" I groan and roll over to face him.

"What?" I whisper, our faces too close for comfort. "What could you possibly want at-" I pause to see what time it is, "four in the morning?"

With a small chuckle, he wraps his arm around my waist, pulling me even closer-if possible-to him, "I just wanted to know if you were awake."

"Well I am now, thanks to you," I say attempting to turn back onto my side. He grunts a little before tightening his grip. "Let go, I'm tired."

He shushes me and closes his eyes.

"I'm not playing, let me go," I say firmly. He opens one eye, then quickly shuts it again. "Rouge! I swear if you do not let me go this instant-" my empty threat gets cut off when I feel his teeth graze my neck. "Hey! Stop it," I manage to choke out.

"Why?" he presses on, nipping at my skin.

"B-because, I don't know where your mouth has been," I say lamely, as I push on his forehead.

"Let me show you where it hasn't been," he replies, hastily pushing me over onto my back. I end up being straddled by him, with my arms held hostage above my head under one of his meaty hands. He uses his other hand to squeeze my face. "It hasn't been here-" he places his lips on my jaw. "Or here," he kisses my chin, and then the corner of my mouth.

I quickly find my voice before he decides to do anything drastic. "Okay, I get the point," I mumble out. He stares at me a moment too long then slowly releases my hands, but I leave them where they are.

"Can I trust you?" He asks, eyeing me. I pull my eyebrows together in confusement. But he speaks again before I get the chance to answer him.

"I wanna try something," he says suddenly, jumping up and standing beside the bed, looking down at me. I push myself up onto my elbows. "Let's go," he says holding out his hand. I take it, and he pulls me up and on to my feet.

"Where are we going?" I whisper as we walk out the door and down the hallway. He ignores my question so I repeat it louder.

"Shush," he says, making me jump. I stay quiet as he leads me into the living room and then to the front door.

"Rouge? What-what are you doing?" I ask as he takes a jacket from beside the door and wraps it around my shoulders. He unlocks the door and pushes it open. He then grabs my hand tightly and steps into the chilly air. I gasp at the sudden realization that I am outside. "Rouge?" I say quietly, afraid that if I talk to loud he'll realize what he's doing and pull me back inside. He finally turns to look at me.

"Stay here. I'll be right back," he said sternly before entering the house again and easing the door closed. I glance around me- nothing but gravel and trees.

Run! a voice in my head yells, but my feet stay planted on the ground. I let out a shaky breath. Freaking run, idiot. I came to my senses and took three steps away from the door before I stopped again. This is a test, I told myself. He's testing me to see if he can trust me or not.

I feel the time passing- two minutes, three, five, seven, twelve. My heart races as I take deep, steady breaths and weigh the pros and cons of running. Pro- I could get away. Con- it could be a trap. I could get lost. or I could get caught.

The door reopened, and I realized I had lost my chance to run anyway. "You stayed?" he said, shocked. I gave a small nod in which he smiled at. "You cold?" He took my elbow and walked me inside, shutting the door and relocking it. I didn't realize I was shivering until he removed the coat from around me.

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