Back to Blakely's point of view:

"Well," Rouge said, beginning his explanation. "You were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. We saw you, and we took the opportunity."

"But why?" I pressed on.

"I just told you why," he snapped, making me jump back.

"You could have taken anyone," I pointed out, "but instead, you took me. I mean I didn't ask for this. And on top of everything, you kill my bestfriend?" My voice was barely a squeal.

"That part wasn't planned," he said matter-of-fact.

"But the kidnapping was planned?" I concluded, questioningly. He audibly sighed.

"I do not want to have this conversation right now." He stood up causing me to take a few steps back so I wouldn't have to crane my neck up to look at him.

"Then when? When will we have it?" I asked and followed him as he made his way to the bathroom. He stepped inside and shut the door in my face. "Rouge!" I heard the shower turn on and groaned loudly, banging on the door. After I realized that the constant pounding wasn't helping, I leaned against the door and slid to the floor.

I closed my eyes, concentrating on nothing in particular, and put my head against the door. Before I could register that the water was turned off, the door was opened and I fell backwards, sprawled out hitting my head on the tile.

I grunted and realized that Rouge was standing over me. I screeched and covered my eyes. "I have on a towel," he pointed out.

I stood, still covering my eyes, and turned away from him before taking away my hands. "It doesn't matter," I brushed off my shirt, "a towel isn't clothing."

"If I remember correctly, you barged in on me," he retorted. I scoffed, turning towards him, keeping my eyes on his face.

"I fell," I replied. He gave me a wierd look, "What?" I asked.

"Nothing. I'd advise you to leave." He pushed me out the room, shutting the door.

"You can't avoid the conversation forever. I deserve to know why," I said to the door. A shriek erupted from the hallway before I could say anything else about the subject. I sprinted out the door and down the hallway to the living room.

"Brydon!" It was Sadie shrieking as Brydon grabbed her sides, causing her to break out into cheery squeals. "Stop," she said as seriously as she could between the bursts of laughter. I stood awkwardly in the doorway, watching as they wrestled on the couch, Brydon obviously letting Sadie pin him.

"That could be us."

I jumped as a pair of arms landed around me. Rouge was behind me when I turned around. I tried to shrug out his hold, but failed miserably.

"I don't think so," I said. When I realized he wasn't going to let go, I turned back around.

"Why not?" he breathed into my ear.

"Because I believe that someday I'll get out of here."

"Breakfast?" I asked, "I hate to bust your bubble, but it's dinnertime." Everyone was sitting at the kitchen table as we all tried to decide what to eat.

"You've never had breakfast for dinner?" Airion asked me. I shook my head.

"It's not food for dinner," I put my arms over my chest. "You eat dinner at dinnertime."

"Who's to say what is and isn't dinner food?" Sadie put in, glancing over her shoulder at Brydon. We finally got to sit in our own chairs, except Sadie but that was her choice.

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