chapter 5: Shadz?

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Well those people are twins an there are shifters as well.

Michael P.O.V

"There are others that can shift?" I mumbled under my breath. They both smirked.

"Yes, yes we are an we are twins." The girl says holding her brothers hand.

"We are shifters as you can see, I'm Jack an this is Jasmine." He says sternly with no emotion, I think he doesn't want me near her or something this is scary.

"But call us shadz cause thats our last name." Jasmine says hugging him happily as he smiles back, oh he does have emotions.. For her only.

"Shadz? That cool I guess. I'm not much of a talker to new people I don't know.." I says smiling awkwardly, They both laughed as I blushed embarrassed

"I see that your still growing but still a pup.." Jasmine says giggle but they an I hear a loud crash from far I turn as I hold my heart whimpering over an over as I shifted running where I hear the crash.

'Pain, hurt, help now!!' My wolf says over an over scared and worried as I make it to the loud crash. I howled in pain see Killian gasping for air blood coming out of his mouth I shifted behind a bush an rush over naked but saw some pants putting them on as he looked up smiling weakly.

"I'm sorry Killian! But I can't let you die on me friend." I whisper to him getting him out of the car laying him on the ground as I hear a car come as it felt weird, it had a very strong vibe then I hear the ambulance I carry him again and ran out of their sobbing softly as I hear a growl but don't turn I'm not sure why.

"m-m-michael....i-it h...hurts." He gasps more loudly as I make it to his home an into the woods, laying him down.

"Killian ima save you an when you go into your first shift I need you to not focus on the pain! Don't fall asleep,okay?" I say looking at him in the eyes as he struggles to nod. I shifted an now can open my other eye I approach him as I see fear in his eyes and I nuzzle his neck but I slowly lean into his hand an bite him, back away shifting back.

"Ohh this pup is so sweet right brother!" I hear jasmine say smirking an her brother behind her holding her waist.

"I don't want him to die!" I growl at the as her brother hissed at me putting his sister behide him protectively, I growl more loudly as we hear Killian yelling in pain. I turn back to him

"Killian! Don't focus on the pain! Focus on something sweet or anything but the pain! I need you to live,friend.I don't want you gone, your are my only friend too." I whisper the last part to him sadly.

He groans an his bones crack an crack. He's shifting..

"Ahhh!!" He screams in pain while panting heavily an then after I see his wolf. I smile happily.

"you did it Killian!" I say shifting nuzzling him as he nuzzles back an then the twins shifted to cats coming closer to us. I howled so did Killian but we all hear others coming I smell something sweet as I know it could be my mate an that's why I quickly hide my scent for she or he can't tell I'm there mate.

"Michael stay under me." Killian says standing over me as I peek through the side slightly. The twins are hissing. There was now a handsome man that had some other men behind him but one man beside him. Its the beta I bet...I hear Killian growl as I lick his paw slightly but then I see the handsome man growl loudly as I lower myself submitted as Killian doesn't, I nudge him with my muzzle sightly knowing the handsome guy was an alpha.

"Shift!" the alpha command as Killian snarls an grabs me by the neck as I yelp softly surprised as Killian ran and the cats ran as well. My eyes closed now.I can't hold my scent any longer.

"Get them even the cats!" The alpha's voice boomed in anger, now my scent spread he can now smell who's his mate.

"Mate." I mumbled an Killian still ran as the alpha shifted coming to us fast am he tackled Killian biting him hard and Killian whimpers but snarls biting back, I fall slightly an bark whimpering not wanting Killian hurt. I hear hisses an meowing I turn and see the twins struggling to fight.

I see Killian losing an my mate almost gonna kill him and I jumped on my mate's biting his neck. He growls throwing me softly off an nudged me with his muzzle sniffing me as I see Killian laying there panting an go over whimpering licking his wounds.

"Move!" My mate growls coming over as I growl protectively an then Killian stands weakly as I turn an he licks my ear as I nuzzle in a friendly way, I am very loyal an protective over friends I'll never let them down.

"You can't hurt my friend!" I wince as my ears flattered back sadly as he looks over at Killian. My mate shifted back to human.

"Shift back." He says as his beta brings him pants an a shirt. I look at Killian an nod we shifted back at the same time while I hug Killian.

"I don't want you to die, friend." I whisper with watery eyes caring for his safety and my mate growls not liking the hug. "Don't touch my mate new lone wolf." He picks me up as i frown.

"Mate?" Killian says confused I look at him.

"its like a soul mate." I say to him with a small smile. "He is only mine,okay?" My mate says to Killian with his alpha voice.

"I have questions for you my little mate." He says madly as I nod.

"Get off my mate!!" Jake says hissing i look over an he scratch the beta's back as he whimpers an growls throwing him to a tree as jasmine screamed for jake..

"Don't hurt them!" I yelled an jump off of my mate arms an punch the beta hard in the side. I growl lowly an helped jasmine up an then we ran over to jake. "Sorry shadz." I say frowning looking down.

"Don't worry pup!" They both hugged me as I look up there smiling wow! New friends!

"the naked squad.." Killian walked over as we laughed but then I felt someone staring at me an I turn to look, it was my mate. I dont want him to hate me..I look down an look up at my friends staying silent.

"I'm alpha Daniel, I'll be taking all you to my pack but first we need to find more wolfs but if not any animal like you kitties." He says walking to me an puts his big shirt on me.


Hope you liked it haha. Sorry if I made mistakes but anyways thanks for the reads! (o;TωT)o love you all!?

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