30- Your prom dress

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You wore a short dark blue dress, which only had one strap on your left shoulder. The dress had a sparkly belt which went across your waist. The skirt part had quit a few layers which made it floaty when you danced.

You wore a floor length dress which was quite puffy. The top part was black and the bottom part was pink. There was a diamond belt across separating the two colours.

You wore a lovely deep purple coloured dress. The straps went from the dress to around the back of your neck. The straps and middle part of the dress separating the bottom had lots of sparkles on.

You wore a nude coloured dress which fitted nicely with your skin tone. The dress fitted nicely at the top and then floated out a bit at the bottom. At the top of the dress there were big pretty patterns.

I thought I would write this as I had my prom recently! My friend actually wore the one I chose for Brad and I wore the one I chose for James:).
Im so sorry for not updating in ages ive been so busy with my fanfic. Hopefully I will be updating more.
Comment your favourite dress:) x

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