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Pen Your Pride

... And One Did

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Prussia smiled and kissed the blonde again, this time more passionately, threading his hands through the other nation's silky golden hair as Canada pulled him down to straddle his lap.

While running his hands trough Canada's hair, he must have accidentally pulled on his curl, and... Everyone knows what happened next...


When Prussia brushed his fingers against Canada's curl, Canada froze, causing Gil to pull away. 

"Vat's wrong, Birdie?" he asked.

  "N-nothing... It's just... My curl..." the smaller blonde blushed deeply.

  "Vat about your curl?" he asked, running his finger along it again. Canada let out a strangled moan, and Prussia (who was still sitting on Canada's lap), felt the effect his playing with the curl had on Canada. "Kesesesese... So zat's vat it does... In zat case!" He gave the curl a sharp tug.   Canada uttered a slightly animalistic cry and bucked his hips under Prussia, pulling him down to kiss him roughly. Prussia responded by nipping at Canada's bottom lip, asking for entry. Canada obliged, opening his mouth and letting Prussia dominate. Prussia explored Canada's mouth, enjoying the taste of the maple syrup from the pancakes.

  When they broke apart for air, Prussia said, panting, "Couch. Now." Canada nodded. Prussia stood up, then lifted Canada up, who wrapped his legs around the albino's waist. Prussia carried the shorter nation to the couch, then laid down, straddling him once more. An idea struck him. He leaned up and started sucking on the curl, playing with it with his tongue. Canada moaned loudly and bucked his hips again, arching his back and fumbling with the button's on Prussia's shirt. Prussia abandoned the curl for a moment, helping the blonde remove his shirt, then removing Canada's shirt. He leaned down to kiss him again, his hand going up to play with the curl again.

  At that moment, the door burst open. "Yo, Cana-- WOAH, DUDE, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TO MATTIE?!?!" America yelled. Canada and Prussia  sprang apart, the former blushing heavily, both of them panting. America was staring at them, wide-eyed.

  "Oh, hi Al..." Canada managed to get out between breaths. Prussia waved slightly.

  "... Prussia, what the heck?! Since when... Are you two even going out?"

  Prussia looked at Canada. "I guess ve are now, ja?"

  Canada smiled. "Oui."

A/N: ... I wrote this a week ago, and I STILL can't believe I wrote this... >/////< Oh, America, why do you always have to ruin the good moments?! I might do a third part, but... I'm not 100% sure... If enough people comment asking for a thrid part, I'll write one. :) For those who comment saying they want a part three, should it be a lemon? Or should I keep it PG-13?

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