I'm sorry.

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One month later

The past month has been great! My relationship with Tobias is still going strong. However, we haven't done anything intimate yet, just kissing. But just by kissing, he makes me more comfortable around him and makes me feel like I can trust him. I know he won't force me to do anything.

I work at the tattoo parlor since initiation hasn't started yet, and Tobias works in the control room. Tori helps me out a lot at the tattoo parlor. She gives me plenty of days off, since I'm a hard worker, and also teaches me tips of doing tattoos.

Today is my day off and I spent the day with Christina. Shopping. No, slowly dying would be a better way of putting it. I love her, but sometimes she can be a nightmare. However the good news is, I have more clothes so I won't have to go shopping for awhile. Then again: Christina's words "you can never have enough clothes!" I was also forced to reluctantly buy lingerie, for when Tobias and I get more intimate.

I've been walking around the pit for awhile, and decide to go home.

I unlock the door to mine and Tobias's apartment, and walk inside. What I see is a candlelit dinner, with Tobias sitting at the table. I smile and walk over to the table.

"Tobias! Why did do all of this?" I ask with awe.

"I love you so much Tris. And I thought we should have a date, since we haven't really had one." He smiles.

"I love you too," I reply and crash my lips to his. After a couple of minutes of kissing, he pulls back and says:

"We should eat, before the food gets cold." He smirks.

"Aww, fine," I pout. He chuckles.

Tobias made mashed potatoes, steak, and salad. I dig in right away, exhausted and hungry from the long day of shopping.

"This is so good!" I exclaim with a mouthful of food.

"Thanks, I thought it would turn out horrible since I can't cook," he admits and we both laugh.

"How was shopping with Christina?" Tobias asks.

I groan, "Tiring and stressful. At least I don't have to go shopping for awhile now."

"Yeah," he replies.


After I cleaned up the dishes with Tobias, I took a relaxing and hot shower. My muscles were tense, and the shower helped a lot.

Tobias is laying in bed reading when I walk out of the bathroom. He looks up when he hears the floorboards creak. His eyes skim my bare legs-because I'm only wearing his shirt-and I blush. Why would he think I'm attractive? My body isn't built like a woman's, it's built like a child's. Yet he always tells me I'm beautiful the way I am.

I lie down next to him and he puts the book on the shelf by the bed.

"You know I love you right?" He asks.

I nod.

"Never forget that." He tell me.

His lips collide with mine in a passionate kiss. One of his hands cradle my cheek and one holds my waist, pulling me closer to him.
I sigh against his lips when he massages my waist.

I move my hands around his back as I picture the tattoo of the factions. He's a piece of art, the flames going around his back and part of his chest.

I'm broken out of my thoughts when I feel his hand going up slightly, pulling the shirt with it. I'm not ready for him to see me yet.
I reach for his hand and push it down, and break away from the kiss gasping for air.

Why? Why do I always have to do this? I always lead him on and then suddenly stop. Like a coward. I don't deserve someone as amazing as him if I can't even give him what he wants.

"I'm so sorry Tobias." I cry. "You should be with someone who can-"

"No tris, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. I just got carried away." He apologizes. "And before you say anything about me needing to be with someone else, you need to know that you're the only one I want to be with. I don't care if you're not ready for that kind of stuff yet, I understand if you're uncomfortable. I wouldn't want to be with someone who is ready because that person wouldn't be you. And I'm in love with you." At the end of his confession, I have tears in my eyes.

"Tobias, I love you so much," I cry with tears of joy and hug him.

"Tris, I love you more than anything. Now let's go to sleep. You've had a long day."

I smile at him, thankful.

"Sleep," he says as he gathers me in his arms.

I drift off into a peaceful sleep, with nothing but good dreams.

Authors note:
Hey everyone! I wanted to make this story so my readers enjoy it, so I wanted to hear any suggestions you guys have! There's going to be more fourtris fluff as the story continues, so I'm sure you'll be happy! Please comment suggestions to where you want this story to go! Thank you so much for all the reads, votes and comments! They are so encouraging.

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