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Mine is Alexander McGregory.

Alex for short.

Alexander McGregory is a 14 year old boy. He's also my 'boyfriend.' Involuntary. Or at least on my part.

I'm forced to go out with him. Apparently when we turn 18, we will have to get married and join our families. Our own little 'arranged marriage.' But I'm only 13!

Here in this life you always have to go with the highest of the highest of people. Yet no one understands that we're only in middle school. His mother and father both own a 5 star hotel, they are loaded with money. The perfect money maker in my mothers eyes.

(A/N: Cassandra isn't 13 forever!)


"Cassandra you have no say in this! You will go out with that boy and that is final! I don't give a damn what you want, You're going to go with him. Now shut up!" My mother pinched the bridge of her nose.

She knows that what she has done is wrong. So why should it even matter?

"Mom you don't even let me live my own life! Now you want me to go out with this boy! I'm only a little kid!" I screamed.

"Cassandra Lombardi, I will, I will believe me! I will hurt you... and mommy doesn't like hurting you." She smiled, laughing diabolically, her alcoholic breath seeping into my nose.


I remember the first day we went out on a 'date.' He took out his cell phone and recorded himself telling me that he loved me and kissed me.

On my lips.

My very first kiss.

I didn't want it to be like that. The video later blew up. It was all an act on my part. Later on, he went and purchased a diamond necklace worth 50,000 dollars. My mother took in the jewels and snatched it out of my hand. Later on that week she cashed it in for an exchange bag of cocaine.

She's hooked.

Addicted even.

But why would she do this to me?

I'm her daughter. Her only daughter.

Yet she still doesn't care.

Alex is in the same grade, and we're only have a year difference . Lately he has been going crazy. He would yank me to the side to give me sloppy kisses, force me to make out with him just for people to see, and I hate it.

Hate all of it.


2:47 PM.

3 more minutes.

"Hey Cassandra, you okay?" Riley waved her hand in front of my face. I sighed in frustration.

"I'm fine Ri, thanks."

I felt like ripping my hair as everyone talked about what they were planning to do over the summer. Some girl is going to Italy, the other is going to explore underwater caves in the Caribbean's. What was I going to do?

Find a way to stay alive.

They say lying is bad, but sometimes the best lies can protect from the horrible truths.

"Cassandra come over here." Alex called out. I closed my eyes.

No no no.

I pretended like I didn't hear my name.

"Hey Cassandra could you not hear me?" He yelled, catching a few's attention. I sighed and stood up.

God help me.

"What the hell does he want now?" I muttered underneath my breath.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" He gritted his teeth. I could tell that he was losing his patience when he clenched his jaw.

"Nothing." I looked into his dark brown eyes. I looked down, away from his intense glare and saw his hands balled into a fist. My heart spiked and I felt that feeling in my stomach, a feeling that is way too familiar,


"Then don't act stupid. But honestly, I don't care right now about it. You see, I'm not even mad anymore." He whispered into my ear and started kissing my neck. I tensed up. I hate this. I hate this so so much. He gripped my butt and I gasped looking up.

He quickly took advantage and moved his mouth over to mine. He started kissing me and I felt suffocated.  Stop this please...

He bit my bottom lip slowly, before pressing his forehead against mine.

"I have a surprise later on for you. And I know... I know you're going to like it." He grinned like the devil, before smacking his lips right back onto mine. He snaked his hands around my back, pressing me against his chest.

Bell... please... ring!


"School is over! Have a great and safe summer!" One of the teachers yelled. I swiftly disconnected my lips from his, while his friends snickered behind us. I walked quickly towards my bag, taking it in my hand and leaving the room, flying down the stairs and walking out the two large red doors.

The bright sun blinded me, and I quickly blocked the sun with my arm. I pushed past the loads of prep kids, all of them taking millions of selfies and posting them up on Instagram and Snapchat. I stared at the bunches of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentley's, and Maseratis, trying to see if I spotted my designated driver, Willy. But right before I could,  A black shiny Porsche  pulled up, looking dangerously like my mothers. The window rolled down and I was greeted with a horrible scent and a face that once was on a magazine.

My mothers.

"Hey honey, ready for summer?"


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