Facts About Gayoon

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1. Gayoon's hobby has been to write lyrics in her free time in the recording studio located in the basement of the dorms.

2. Gayoon’s complex is her small hand, because of that she cant wear any rings. 

3. Gayoon has been a singer since high school.

4. Gayoon gets very emotional when it comes to family.

5. Gayoon really likes clothes so whenever she have free time, she’ll be pretty much shopping.

6. Gayoon normally doesn't express her feelings.

7. Gayoon feels emptiness late at night, during that time, she scrawls things or writes lyrics and expresses her thoughts in her diary.

8. 4Minute members say Gayoon is scary when she’s angry.

9. Doojoon’s ringtone was ‘HUH’ , and it was Gayoon’s part.

10. Hyuna said Gayoon has a lot of popularity , she has been asked out by many male celebrities and idols.

11. Male idols find out Gayoon’s number themselves and call her many times.

12. Gayoon doesn’t fall for any tricks that the members try to pull on her.

13. Gayoon doesn’t like kissing and holding hands in public.

14. Gayoon said Shinee’s Key is chic and has many aegyo, while she doesnt know how to do aegyo .

15. “Take anything from me but not the members” – Gayoon

16. Gayoon likes snakes a lot.

17. Gayoon is unhappy with her ankles.

18. Gayoon doesn’t know how to do aegyo.

19. Gayoon likes elephants.

20. Gayoon is a Taurus so her weakness are being stubborn, uncompromising and possessive. 

21. Gayoon used to be a SM trainee.

22. When Gayoon buy sneakers, she have to get them at the kids’ department. 

23. Gayoon is not confident in variety skills during variety shows. She finds it rather burdensome. 

24. Gayoon thinks she is most attractive during dance practice/while she is sweating.

25. Gayoon gets teased about her BB Cream.

26. Gayoon is self-conscious.

27. MBLAQ’s Leejoon is a fanboy of Gayoon.

28. Gayoon often forgets to turn off the computer

29. Gayoon said her nickname is Gayonitt. 

30. Gayoon is afraid of Anti Fans.

31. Gayoon likes limited edition items that bring out her personality.

32. Gayoon‘s favorite line in Hot Issue is ” Nan Hansang Shawty star ” (the one she sings)

33. When Gayoon is very tired she will sleep on the floor and Jiyoon would give her jacket to her.

34. Gayoon enjoys being called the ”Bad Girl”.

35. Gayoon wanted to dance as good as Hyuna but she is more focused on vocal.

36. Gayoon said that her concept is always cool and sexy.

37. Gayoon is a member who does not talk too much, but does more work.

38. Gayoon and T-ara’s Jiyeon are friends (from predebut). 

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