ch7 City of Fools

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“so who have you modeled for and when can I see some of them?” he asked following her into the house.


Josephine was shocked, how did he know?? She turned and another flicker and shutter came from Brams camera.

“I know a real model from a fake one. Besides living in Paris with that profile you were bound to be discovered”

“ummm… well……” she did not know what to say, she was in shock and did not know if she wanted to share so much information with a stranger who keeps taking random pictures of her.

“ok ill make it easier. When where you discovered, & by whom?” said Bram as he grabbed a plate to serve himself some food.

“ok… well I was 12 and it was Patrick Demarchelier” answered Josephine as she with plate in hand eyed the food wondering how much her mother will bother her if she eats this type of food.

“Demarchelier?!!” said Bram in shock and awe. “wow! Props to you! That’s amazing!”

He went quiet for a while, but Josephine followed him to a table.

Josephine was hungry but she couldn’t help remembering that call she got from Polo Ralph Lauren people and how they had set a meeting with her tomorrow.

She stared down at her plate and shrugged it off.  She would just eat without the top bun and only half of the fries on her plate. If she did that she should be just fine. She had to eat, she was not going to starve herself!

Bram noticed her pensive state and stole one of her fries. “you ok?” he asked

“magnifique” responded Josephine with a smile and taking a bite of her burger.

“Odette! I thought I lost you!!...” called Mark from the bar, which was just a few tables away.

“ok whats your real name? you say Josephine, your dad I think called you Ettie and then Odette?” says Bram poking her side.

Josephine laughs “Odette Josephine, I prefer Josephine though, Odette is such a hard name, but Mark just looooves to call me Odette.”

Mark comes over just seconds after and places a drink in front of Josephine. “thanks” she says and takes a sip of the Sprite.

“Hey dude I didn’t know you were coming?...” says Mark.

“I wasn’t but Jax threw a hissy fit and broke his board and all sh*t, so I left him there, I was on my way to go get food when I remembered that you had free food here.”

“But did you get some good shots? Or where they all crap?”

“there are some good ones, here take a look” says Bram handing his camera to Mark.

Josephine watches the interaction between the two boys and gets the feeling that they are really close friends. However she noticed the guys from before that where playing sports outside staring daggers at Bram. She wondered why but couldn’t come up with anything so she gave it a rest, besides she was brought out of her thoughts when Mark mentions her name.

“Uhh yeah,” Bram said looking uncomfortable and worried “dude she was okay with it, besides the shot was too good to pass up”

“Odette did you see these?” says Mark pushing the camera in her face and showing her the pictures.

They were really good! Bram had talent, raw natural talent, she knew that in a few years she would hear his name being mentioned by all the pros.

“incroyable, Bram you are really good at this, you did not tell me you where good!” she took the camera from Mark and went through his pictures. There where some really good scenery, some surf pictures, a football game, a park, a dog, flowers, a forest, and others but the camera was ripped from her hands by Mark.

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