32 Fading Zen

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The sunrise shines brightly through Harry's multi-colored scarf curtains.  The thing with ecstasy is, the immediate days after taking it are rewarding.  Louis is excited to wake up in Harry's room with him and has faith that things will work out.  Now it's time to assess the damage, because Louis knows there probably will be some of that.  "Harry, wake up!"

"Go back to sleep love.  It's Sunday."

Louis wiggles his shoulder.  "We have to get up and go do yoga in the park!"

"You have morning breath.  Go back to sleep."

"I'll give you a blowjob?"  Louis offers.


Harry pulls Louis into his warm chest and they fall back asleep.


"Do ya whore-mongers have clothes on?!"  Niall announces.

The bedroom door opens.  Harry groans.  "Go to sleep.  It's Sunday."

"Not me!  I'm up and drinking already!  Also, I'm borrowing your phone Haz."  Niall parades around the room until he finds it.

"Whatever gets you to shut up."

The door closes.  Louis snuggles into Harry's arms.  "Hazza?"


"I'm hungry."

"S'pizza okay?"  Harry yawns.


The bed shifts and Harry reaches over Louis to get his phone. 

He knows my password.  Do I know his password?

Harry mumbles into the phone and ordered three pizzas.  After he hangs up he crawls under the covers again.

"I love you so much."  Louis whispers against his hair.

"I love you so much too."  Harry kisses his forehead.


The bedroom door opens.  "I'm claiming one pizza and willing to compromise by giving you both the other two.  And because I'm feeling extra generous today, I brought beers in too.  Here ya go bastards."

Niall sets the two pizza boxes and beers on the nightstand then leaves.

"We need to get up."  Louis groans.

"You're the reason we're both exhausted."  Harry sits up against the headboard.

"Shhh.  Pizza."  Louis makes grabby hands towards Harry.

"I'm absolutely not hand feeding you pizza while you sleep in my bed.  I draw the line.  Sit up if you're ready to eat."  Harry pulls a box of pizza onto his lap.

It smells really good.

Louis sits up.  "Pass me the other one please."  He wipes the sleep out of his eyes and takes the other pizza box from Harry.  "I literally cannot remember the last time I've eaten pizza."

Harry bites a huge chunk out of a slice.  "Me neither.  I love Christmas break."

"Fuck, Harry!  Christmas is like nine-ish days away or something."  Louis bites into the deliciously greasy pizza.

"What's your point?"  Harry raises an eyebrow.

"Well one, that means the spa is going to be busy as fuck for the next week.  And two, that means it's like eight-ish days until I turn 26.  I'll be officially old.  What's the actual date today?"  The last week had felt like an eternity and one never-ending day all at the same time.

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