Chapter 1- The Small Scared Boy

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Frigga and Odin were walking around Midgard, it was a quiet night. But when they heard weeping of a small child Frigga's motherly instincts kicked.

Frigga speed up her walk and went toward an alleyway , the Midgards called it that, and she stopped dead in her tracks.

There in front of her was a small child and by Midgard years he was only 5 years old as she could tell. But he had a nasty cut on his lip, a black eye, and his arm and small glass shards.

She quickly moved toward the small child, and when she knelt beside him he finally looked up and she saw the most beautiful eyes, they were sea green but yet they seemed to be lost.

"Can I help you sweetie." Frigga said while motioning to the arm he was holding close to his body.

She could tell he was nervous but he sniffled and held out his arm slowly. Frigga held the hand softly and gently started to take out the small glass that was in it.

"What's your name sweetie." She said in her motherly and comforting voice, "I'm Percy but my real name is Perseus." the small boy said

"That is a sweet name Perseus." Frigga said

A tiny smile graced Percy's lips, "How old are you dear?" Frigga asked

"Five." he said quietly.

"Why are you out here in the middle of the night along honey?" Frigga asked as Odin was watching from and safe distance.

"It's safer out here then where I live." he said while shifting slightly but still let Frigga old his arm.

"Did whoever you live with do this to you?" She asked not mean but in a soft caring voice.

Perseus hesitated then nodded. Frigga then asked, "What about your mother?" she didn't think his mother would do this...

"She died." He said with sorrow creeping into his voice.

Frigga looked to Odin who Percy now noticed, he shifted uncomfortable which Frigga duly noted.

"This is my husband and I want to talk to him about something important, I will be right back ok little one?" she asked the small child.

The child nodded in reply and sat where he was but held his arm, that was no absent of the glass shard, and watched the man and woman talk in the distance.

Frigga went to her husband, "Honey we can't leave him here." She said sternly

"Honey I looked into his memories and there is a glimpse of Poseidon, one of the gods in this realm, in his memories. We would have to ask his permission." Odin said

"Then we shall ask." while mentally praying to Poseidon to come but not in a flashy sort of way that would harm the young child.

A scent of sea water came and a man that was wearing a Hawaiian shirt and cargo pants with flip flops came into view.

"You called?" he asked

"You know of the situation with your son." Frigga asked sternly and motherly

Poseidon''s smile instantly left his face and his shoulders slumped, "Hey but because of the rules my brother put into place I can not help him but I have indirectly helped him keep out of harm's way. I just wish Sally didn't marry that man." Poseidon said

"Can you tell me more about him?" Frigga asked honestly.

"Maybe in a little bit I understand that you want to adopt him?" Poseidon asked as he looked to Odin.

"It seems my wife likes him and from what I've seen I will also like him. With your permission may we raise Percy as an Asgardian, you are welcome to come anytime and be with him." Odin said

"If it helps him get out of that blasted home he is in and into a welcoming family then I wouldn't mind one bit. But you would really welcome me into your realm?" Poseidon asked honestly surprised they would say that, they don't allow many other gods into their realm..

"Poseidon we do want Perseus to have a connection with his real father and we would never just throw you out of the parenting slot. He does need his real father." Frigga said in her motherly voice once more.

Poseidon beamed with happiness and nodded, "If you would do all that then I know Percy is in safe hands." He said while disappearing into sea mist to not harm his child's prying eyes that were watching the whole time

Frigga went over to Perseus who was wide eyes and staring at the spot where Poseidon left, "Perseus we have some important things to discuss." Frigga said while walking Percy to a nearest park so they could walk and talk.

That was how Perseus Jackson became Perseus Odinson the third son and brother to Thor Odinson and Loki Odinson...

Now I don't know how this is but I'm starting to like it...

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