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After finishing the dinner and dodging awkward questions about how babies are made, Jean carried his nearly fast asleep daughter upstairs to bed.

He laid her down gently, pulling up the blanket and wedging the unicorn plush she loved so much in between her arms.

You sat on her bed next to Jean and leant your tired self onto his shoulder as he wrapped an arm around your waist.

"She's such a lovely little girl, Jean. You've raised her well." You whisper as you watch her snuggle into her blanket.

The man runs his hand through his ash brown hair and presses a soft kiss to your head.

"I'm sure she'll be an amazing big sister." You tell him.

"I know she will." Jean says, caressing her cheek with one finger, to which Maddelyn smiles at in her sleep.

"We should probably go to sleep now, it's late." Jean suggests.
"I've got work in the morning. Would you mind walking to school with Maddelyn tomorrow?"

Your eyes light up at this. This would be the perfect opportunity to get to know Maddelyn a little more.

"Yes, that would be fine." You say to your boyfriend with a smile.

---------------------------------------------You wake up the next morning and discover that Jean has already left.
His work starts at 7:00AM sharp, you remember.

You shift yourself up and discover a plate of toast and jam, along with the note:

"I would've cooked you something nicer but I was running late. Sorry! - Jean ❤️"

You giggle at this. He's so thoughtful, you think.

After eating the toast and getting ready, you make your way downstairs to which you find little Maddelyn all dressed and somewhat ready to go.

Her brown hair is heavily tangled however and her eyes are full with sleep.

"Good morning Maddelyn! Have you had breakfast yet?"

"Mhm. Daddy cooked me some before he left. Oh, and daddy left you some toast." She tells you.

You ruffle her hair.

"Let's get your hair brushed and your face washed, hmm?"

You hand Maddelyn a wet flannel and she washes her face in the mirror without any help.

"Mommy, can you plait my hair?" She asks you, looking at you with her beautiful, large hazel eyes. You see Jean in her without a doubt.

Hearing the word "mommy" from her is absolutely adorable.

"Sure I can." You say.
She turns her back to you and allows you to comb through her hair. After 5 minutes, her plait is complete.

You lift her up onto your hip and show her in the mirror.

"Mommy you have to teach me how!" She says excitedly as you tuck a piece of loose hair behind her ears.

The little girl holds your hand tightly as she walks up the lane to her school with you. She looks up at you every so often, her mouth open in excitement. She couldn't wait to show everyone her new mommy.

"Mommy, can the baby hear me?" She asks, staring at my huge stomach.

"Yes, he or she can hear you right now!" I tell her.

"Will the baby like me, mommy?"

"Of course they will." I say to her, smiling reassuringly.

Jean was right. She never stops asking questions. It wasn't like it was a negative thing, she was just a curious cute little girl.

When you arrive at her school, you are greeted by her teacher, along with other parents.

"Morning, Maddelyn! Oh, who's this?" The teacher asks, looking at you with kind eyes. You wave at her.

"This is my mommy!" Maddelyn proudly states to her teacher.

"Nice to meet you! I'm (Y/N.)" you tell the teacher as she shakes hands with you.

"'Mrs Braun."

Maddelyn runs off to greet her friends and you engage in small talk with her teacher.

"I see you've got a baby on board! How far along are you?"

"Just coming up to 8 months now." I beam at her, a hand rubbing my stomach.

"Aw, well I'm sure you and your husband Jean are very excited."

"Actually, we're not married." I tell her.

"Oh." She says, almost surprised.

I look at the blonde haired woman, and laugh awkwardly.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude." She chuckles, to which you shake your head.

"No, no it's fine."

"Maddelyn is such a bright young girl." Mrs Braun says, turning her head towards where the little girl is playing hop scotch with her friends.

"She's settled in really well." I add, a smile forming on your lips.

"Maddelyn! Mommy is going now!" Mrs Braun calls out.


Almost instantly, the little girl runs to you and hugs your waist.

"Bye, mommy!"

"You have a good day at school, okay Maddelyn? Your daddy is going to pick you up later." You tell her, playing with her long plait between your fingers.

"Mhm. Bye mommy! Love you!" She says, before running off.

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