How you met

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Captain America:

In the park. You took your dog for a walk and it just started running, dragging you with it. It stopped in front of him, who gladly petted it. Once you got up, he asked you if you were alright. Which you were, except a slight limp. He offered to walk the dog until you were fine, which you found really sweet. You ended up talking the entire evening.


In a track field. You were running until Pietro came. Being the competitive little shit you are, you tried to get ahead of him. Which never happened cause he used his superpower. So you decided to trip him, which ended up with you laughing your head off and him getting pissed. To apologize, you offered him your hand to help him up and buy him a happy, which he accepted both.


At Starbucks. Who the hell orders 12 cappuccinos lattes? Apparently, the blond handsome man on the other side of the desk.

"Anything else I could get you?" You asked.

"Yes, maybe your number?" He asked cheekily, making you blush.

Iron Man:

At a party. You both ended up throwing up in the males' restroom (the females' ones were full.)

"Hey. I am Tony." The guy said. Even though it wasn't the perfect moment, you couldn't help but check him out. He was hella handsome.

"I am (Y/N)." You said and went back to throwing up. When you were both done, he offered you a drive home with his driver. The next evening you found him outside your door.

Black Widow:

In a lingerie shop. She told you that the pair of underwear you were checking, would suit you perfectly. You thanked her and blushed. She offered to buy you a coffee sometime and when you agreed, she gave you her number. You went for that coffee right after you exited the shop.


At a science conference. You were a doctor and it was your first time in a conference. He sensed that you were feeling awkward and he approached you to help you relax and open up.


In a movie theatre. You adored sitting in the very back and so did he. So you ended up fighting for the very last corner seat. Being the gentleman he is, he gave you the precious sit and sat next to you. When it ended, he asked you to go for a drink and talk about the movie.

Scarlet Witch:

In a music store. You liked the same band, so when she saw you holding their latest CD, she began talking to you. You ended up sharing your interest in them.


He saved you. You were mindlessly passing the road and a car almost hit you. He stopped it with his very own hands and took you to the hospital to see if you were hurt, even though you reassured him you were fine.


In the holding room of a jail. You weren't exactly the good girl you seemed to be. You were both in the same room and ended up chatting since you were just the 2 of you. He sure did more than the graffiti they caught you doing.

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