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You are now chatting with a random stranger. You both like 5sos. Say hi! (megle)

You: Hi...or hey! Asl?
Stranger: Well that's cliché af.
Stranger: 19, M, Australia. Hbu?
You: Lol ik. I've never done this before so bare with me.. 18, F, LA
Stranger: Well there's a first time for everything;)
You: If that's flirting, please continue. Haha favorite 5sos song?
Stranger: She's kinda hot. You?
You: All of them:/
Stranger: Understandable. Favorite band member?

You: Mmm....Luke. He's a fucking sex god. *hands over eyes emoji*
Stranger: Aside from me being a dude, I like Calum he's mysterious and laid back.
You: Tru. But #Confession he's like my least favorite.
Stranger: Why?...
You: Well I've met them b4 and he was really grumpy. One picture and a forced hug and it was over. That's three hundred bucks down the drain..
Stranger: Well maybe he had a bad day?
Stranger: Hey! I gtg
You: Yeah, probably:( okay but I didn't get your name:)

Stranger: Thomas x We could kik?
You: I'm Kaylen- sure my username is Taintedluv22
Stranger: I'll message u, It was nice talking to you Kaylen. Ttyl

Stranger has disconnected.|

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