Truth or Dare?

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^^This is the first imagine for this smut book DangerousPsycho I hope you like it. Sorry it took forever I have never been this busy.^^

"Romanoff, if I wanted to go to a party I would've already been dressed and dragging you out the door, but not because Stark is having it and it's always a one night stand party," You was frustrated with Nat for making you get in a pair of jeans that made you're thighs and ass bigger, making everyone hunger for you. The shirt that you protested against was a baby blue crop top that cut off right above your bellybutton, you was skinny but not to skinny, but you always didn't like showing your skin.. You walked over to the full body mirror and took a good look at yourself. "Damn (y/n), you look fuckable," Nat said as she walked past you and slapped your ass. You laughed at her compliment and looked at her through the mirror. She pulled her makeup out and other stuff to make you look more of a slutty girl. "Nat, are you sure about this, I mean I like going to parties and everything, but Tony is having this one," You tried your best to convince her to let you stay home and watch movies off of Netflix. She laughed at you and looked at you serious, "(y/n), you're going and there is no back out," She got the rest of her makeup out and set it out everywhere. You looked back at your outfit,you started to like it more and more, Nat grabbed your arm and dragged you into the bathroom,sitting you down on the toilet seat she got started with your makeup. About 15 minutes later she was done with your makeup and hair. "How do you even get done that fast?" You asked her. "I am skilled," She laughed and shooed you back to the mirror, you looked at your hair and makeup in awe. "You look so hawt!" She laughed and walked to the closet and picked you out some 'Lace-up platform chunky heels' you looked at the heels then back at her, "Are you crazy! I can't wear those," She put the heels to your chest, "Yes you can and you will," You sighed and took a seat on the bed and started to put the heels on, "What are you getting me into," I stood up and she was putting her shoes on. "Come on the private car will be here any minute," She grabbed my hand and dragged me down the stairs,grabbing our phones and out the door we went. A black car pulled up at the same time we walked out of the door, "Please do i have to go?" I stopped at the end of the steps, Nat turned around and looked at me, "Nope you're coming with me," She grabbed my hand and yanked me into the car.


You two finally arrived at Tony's house and you could already hear the music blasting from the inside of the house, you got out and seen beer bottles laying around in the front lawn, people was stumbling getting to their cars. Most of the people have left, you was glad that there was very little of people here. Nat walked beside you, as you walked up the stair you felt your adrenaline started to pump up. A few more people stumbled out of the house some falling to the ground. Lord people need to control themselves while drunk, or at least try to chill out. You walked in and the smell of alcohol and the sexual tension hit your body and everything turned around completely. Nat seen someone and ran off leaving you alone by yourself. You walked down the red and gold stairs and walked to the bar, sitting there alone got pretty bored. "Anything you would like?" The bartender asked, "Yeah, give me a shot of vodka," you looked around and seen people leaving and people lying on the floor passed out, "Here you go mam," The bartender sat the shot glass in front of you and walked away leaving you in silence. You didn't hold back on the drink, shivers sent through you when the burning sensation went down your throat making you cough a little, "Another please," You used your manners as you sat the shot glass down for the bartender to fill it back up. One after another you had lost count at 13 and got off your seat. You walked into the living room and seen Nat taking a seat, "(y/n), come play truth or dare with us," She waved her hand over, you looked around and seen the rest of the avengers playing. Once your eyes landed on Bucky your heart started beat fast, "Okay," You stumbled across the room picking a seat beside Steve, "Hey, what's up," You slurred, "I'm so glad I can't get drunk," He laughed and helped you sit down, "Thank you red white and blue," You laughed as you fell on your butt. "Truth or dare Bucky?" My heart stopped as soon as the game started. "Dare," you looked around the room before your eyes landed on Bucky, "Alright, dare. Are you okay with that choice?" Tony asked, before Bucky could answer Nat was screaming his dare, "I dare you to take (y/n) to the closet and do whatever you want," I looked at her crazy, "That's if i'm willing!" you screamed at her, everyone around you was laughing at the dare, you made the lights flicker off and on and everyone stopped laughing. "I hope you're willing," Bucky looked at you, your cheeks turn red and you started to get butterflys in your stomach. "I mean it's just a dare," You stood up and walked over to the closet, "Then let's get it over with," you opened the door and stood by it.

You watched as Steve pulled out a condom and hand it to Bucky, your cheeks flushed red as Bucky grabbed the condom. You walked into the dark closet and watched as Bucky slide the condom in his back pocket and walked to the closet. You tensed up a little and put your back against the wall, he walked in and closed the door behind him, "We don't have to do anything if you don't feel comfortable with that," You looked at him, but you couldn't see him from the darkness. "It's up to you really, it's your dare," You said as you played with the hem of your shirt nervously. You felt something towering over and you looked up, your breath hitched and you locked up. Fuck, you thought as he pressed against you and pushed you against the wall. Your breathing hitched as you felt something poke against your inner thigh, you gasped and looked down, "Sorry, he just like things that are attractive," You felt him grind against you pressing his boner against your thigh, He leaned forward and pressed his lips against yours, it took you by surprise before you actually thought that he was kissing you. You started kissing back when you felt his teeth grazing your bottom lip softly, you was lifted up and you wrapped your legs around his waist instinctively. His metal hand and real hand on your ass holding you up like a pillow, he put you against the wall and started to kiss down to your jaw then your neck, you moved your head a little giving him more skin to explore with his mouth. You opened your mouth letting a small moan out as he nipped your neck. You thought Bucky was innocent and sweet, but tonight he has really changed your mind. Slamming you against the wall, you felt his boner growing harder against you as the make out was getting more intense. You felt your ass being grabbed and pinched, he was turning you on and fast, you groaned and put your hands in his hair tugging on it. He moaned softly against your neck which turned you on even more, you felt your shorts being tugged down. You got down and pulled them down, Bucky picked you back up and slammed you against the wall trapping you. You was right at his boner teasing you against your wet panties. You moan a little loud, but Bucky stopped you by kissing you. You started kissing back when you felt something cold rub against your panties making you shiver and throw your head back, you couldn't see Bucky, but you knew he was smirking. He slipped his hand in and started rubbing your clit slowly, you bit your lip and put your face in his shoulder, you was a moaning mess. He started rubbing faster, "You're so wet and warm, I wonder why," He whispered in your ear sending shivers down your spine, you bite your lip and moaned loudly and you felt your panties being slipped off. He unzipped his pant and pulled the condom out and put it between his teeth and pulled his throbbing cock out, as it slapped against you, you yelped as the warmth of it hit the spot where his metal hand was. He tore the condom wrapper off and slid it on, you grabbed onto his shoulder waiting for the pain. He slowly slid inside you, your walls fitting to his size, "You're so fucking tight," He moaned into your shoulder, you moaned loudly as he started moving, "Tell me when to stop," He whispered into your ear, he picked up his pace and hold your back. Your orgasim was at the pit of your stomach in seconds ready to come out. "I'm gonna come!" You didn't yell too loud because you knew that you was in a closet and there was people outside the door, "Hold it until I say you can," He grabbed your hair and pulled on it, you felt him twitch against your walls and you knew he was about to come, "Please," You breathed out heavily, "When I say," He groaned against her neck, "Now," His thrust got sloppier and messy. You moaned as you started to come down from your high, putting your face in his neck he pulled out slowly and pulled the condom off. He sat you down and picked up your clothes. You grabbed them and pulled them on, and he zipped his pants back up. "Was that your first time?" He asked you, knowing he can't see you that meant you had to speak up, "Um, yeah," You said shyly, "You were amazing by the way, we should talk more," You heard the door open and you seen everyone standing behind Nat, You blushed till your face was red as a tomato. "How was it?" Steve asked.

^^Sorry this took forever DangerousPsycho I've been real busy, I actually thought I would have it out the day you requested. Thank for waiting patiently. Also credit to the outfit she picked out on Polyvore! It's cute!^^

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