"I know I was rude to you during those months, but it is just so that you will leave me on your own." I said continued to caress her cheek.

"I need to go downstairs." She said trying to move away.

"I know you don't love me, and I know I don't deserve it from you, but I, really..." She cut me off pushing me away and rushed outside the office room.

I sighed and hit my forehead for not confessing way before. I don't even want to think what she will do if she knows the truth.

*Jiya Pov*

"You are late." That's what Madam said when I reached the dining table for breakfast.

Well your Son is the cause for it. I stopped myself from giving that answer.

"Sorry, Madam." I said sitting in my place.

"Eat all that and then take these tablets." She said and placed a full plate of food in front of me.

I turned to look at the clock and asked, "It is 9am right, Madam or is it 9pm and I missed it."

"You don't eat dinner that much right, so you will eat lunch quantity of food at breakfast time. Dinner quantity of food at lunch time and then breakfast quantity of food at dinner time." She said, and I continued to stare at her only with one thought in my mind.

If she is the caretaker of any children's hostel, then, I feel very sad for them.

"Madam..." I trailed off when I saw her narrowing her eyes.

I nodded sighing and started eating the food. When I am halfway both her husband and Mr.Mehra reached the table.

They finished their food, but I still have so much food to consume. After finishing it, I leaned back and closed my eyes feeling so tired.

They say by eating we get energy, but now I think I am going to pass out. Then I felt tablet's plate in front of me.

I took a deep breath and took the tablets. She finally nodded with satisfaction.

"What happened to you, Joshna?" Mr.Nilesh asked her.

"I am sure she works, properly for the company, but she doesn't have any care for herself. I don't know how much worried her mother must have been about her from the time she is a kid." She replied, and I closed my eyes.

"You do not need to worry about my mother, Madam. Everyone knows definitely how to take care of me." I said, opening them and she frowned at my sarcastic tone.

"Was it related to less blood in the body?" I heard Mr.Mehra's question.

"Yes!" I replied and no wonder he thinks that reason as I had too many cases like this from the time I was a kid.

"There is going to be a success bash planned for all the branches here in Ahmadabad." Mr.Nilesh said.

"In our home?" Madam asked him.

"Yes! I am sure we all will take care of arrangements." He replied.

"We will take care of arrangements, and you will just sit back, giving us instructions." She said, rolling her eyes, and I glanced at Mr.Nilesh raising my eyebrows.

"Joshna!" He said catching my glance.

"No, no! You don't take care of, not a single thing in the house except the business. You are really a bad husband." She said, and I coughed while drinking the water.

"I will tell Jiya some details for the bash." He said getting up and I too got up.

"Don't make her work too much." She said stopping us.

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