"Have the courage to say no. Have the courage to face the truth. Do the right thing because it is right. These are the magic keys to living your life with integrity."

- W. Clement Stone

Candice POV

Another day of fighting, another day of not being in control of your own life. I woke up to the sound of an alarm clock; there is no alarm clock in the dormitory? I open my eyes and come face to face with a groggy Four, now I remember; I fell asleep at his place last night.

"Good morning, how are you feeling today?"

"Good morning to you too. A little headache and my body is still a little sore but I'll manage."

"Good, you should take the painkillers Theresa gave you. You will not be fighting after breakfast considering you have a concussion but you will after lunch so try to get as much rest as possible okay."

"Fine. But will this affect my position on the score board?" If I hadn't mention it earlier, the initiates are getting scored on how well they are doing in training and such. The better score you get the higher in ranking you will be when initiation is over. The ranking will determent what job you'll get, the higher in ranking the better job you'll get.

"Unfortunately since you won't be fighting before lunch and the fact that you missed the afternoon fight yesterday you are going to have to work harder than the rest of the initiatives to keep your position, which means you're going to have to win from now on." Four pick up a necklace from his nightstand and put it on. I recognize that necklace, it's the one I gave him the day before his choosing.


It was the day before my 17th birthday, the day before Tobias choosing. I already knew he was going to leave Abnegation and probably choose Dauntless, he would never stay in Abnegation for obvious reasons, his father beats him and treat him as dirt something I know all too well what it's like. Neither Amity nor Candor or Erudite would suite him, Amity would be to boring for him even if it is everything he has ever wanted, a peaceful environment, in the long run he would go mad. In Candor he would have to come clean about his past which he would never do and even though he is smart and all Erudite is not the place for Tobias. No, the only place that he could really be free from Marcus is Dauntless. Though I will miss him, I wouldn't want him to stay just because of me, besides I will not be here for long either, next year is my choosing year and I am not staying in Candor, no bloody hell.

Tobias aptitude test was today and I decided to wait for him so we could spend some time together before he leaves, because today is the last time I will see him since I won't participate tomorrow, Michael has forbid me from participate in any sort of gatherings which means I will be home waiting for the devil himself to come home and give me another round and he will probably come up with something new to add to the list of things the bastard has done to me. Last years' surprise was worse than ever, it was the year he first molested me and the first time he raped me. It's a standing nightmare living with him, and to think of it, he is my father. It's safe to say he will never be father of the year. When Tobias found out about that he flipped, and being in Abnegation that was a total new sight of him that I didn't think he had. Fortunately we were alone in an abandoned area when I told him otherwise people would have giving him strange looks. I don't know for how long but he hugged me and we shared a few tears.

I can't believe how fast time goes, we have been friends for two years now and it is finally time for one of us to be free from the tortured life we have been living in for so many years, Tobias since he was 6 and me since I was 11. I sat in the cafeteria in school waiting for Tobias to come out from the test room, I was reading one of the many books from before the war "Pride and Prejudice", one of my favorite books, I don't know how many times I've read it but no matter how many times I've read it, it still marveled me how brilliant this book was. Books were my escape, my escape from reality. I had some books at home, this being one of them and while at school you could mostly find me in the library caught up in some book. Being in the library also helped me stay clear of trouble and annoying people. I was never alone though, a guy maybe a year older than me was always there as well. I didn't know his name but his clothes told me he was from Erudite. He was tall, dirty blond hair and glasses though I bet he didn't actually needed them, most people in Erudite had glasses but didn't need them it was just a part of the concept, smart people have glasses. The thing that struck me the most was his body, he had muscle, not the typical Erudite for sure. I used to watch him read, creepy I know but he never notices anyway or at least I don't think he did. When he is not reading in the library he mostly is with his friend, who by the way are jerks well most of the students in this school are but that's a story for another time. They always pick on people, mostly Abnegation or Amity. It's is no secret that Erudite and Abnegation don't get along, you see Abnegation run our government but Erudite thinks that they shouldn't because apparently they don't do a good job and they are untrustworthy according to Erudite. Jeanine and her faction has made all the other factions to believe all the crazy stories about Abnegation being selfish, apparently they don't give factionless food and clothes which they are supposed to do, everything is in the stupid paper they send out.

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