Ch. 25 Not Okay

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When I woke, I was lying over Jake.

His arm was wound tightly around me, holding me to him. He wore a frustrated, almost angry look, that caused the space between his eyes to crease.

I reached up and gave him a sweet kiss.

He reacted almost immediately, gripping my shirt, kissing me back with such passion and need that I became intoxicated by him.

I was the first to unwillingly pull away. I pressed my forehead to his.

"Good morning to you, too," he smirked, running a hand over my hair, down my back to my bum.

I snuggled into his warmth and sighed.

He rubbed circles into my backside. "This is nice."

I nodded, rubbing his chest.

After a minute of quiet, he whispered, "I feel like I could wake up like this, with you, for the rest of my life."

I closed my eyes as he spoke, letting myself bathe in his sweet words. I thought about how nice it felt and how much I cared for him. "I could, too," I whispered.

He didn't say anything.

I looked up at him.

He was looking down at me with the most sincere, loving eyes. "You could?"

I nodded, smiling, "Yeah, I could."

"Kiss me," he smiled.

I reached up and pressed my lips sweetly to his. I smiled against his lips as I pulled back.

He moved into a sitting position, taking me with him. His hands went around to the back of my bra and unclasped it. He threw it aside, his eyes devouring my body.

I bit my lip.

He took my hands, holding them down. He leaned in and kissed my cleavage, making a trail across my chest, nibbling and sucking until my chest puckered beneath his touch.

I moaned, pressing myself into him. I became restless, moving my hips, trying to get comfortable.

He moaned, "Britt."

I realized what I was doing and did it a little harder, swirling my hips.

He slipped his hands in my panties. "How attached are you to these?"

"I'm not," I breathlessly whispered.

Looking me in the eyes, he tore them off me. He cupped my bum and lifted me up with one arm as he undid his pants and slipped them and his briefs down. Slowly, he released me, easing me onto him.

He threw his head back, letting out a moan. He bit his lip, then let his mouth remain the slightest bit open.

I wiggled my hips and lifted myself up and down slowly, watching his reaction.

He was enjoying it, giving me control.

Unable to help it, I quickened my pace a little. I bit my lip, concentrating on what I was doing. I didn't want his reaction to distract me and, gosh, was it distracting!

I reached up and kissed his neck, tangling my hands in his hair.

His hands gripped my thighs. He was panting.

I bit down on his neck where I'd been kissing.

He cried out, tightening his grip on me.

I nibbled and sucked. I made a trail of kisses up to his mouth, where I nibbled on his bottom lip.

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