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Sorry I haven't updated in a REALLY LONG TIME! For all of you still reading, thank you so much for staying loyal to me and my imagines. WARNING: REALLY DEPRESSING ENDING!!!
Y/B/N means your baby's name by the way.
Enjoy xoxo,
His body.  His touch.  It meant the world to you.

As you had just saw Legolas rushing towards you with open arms, you couldn't be happier. The 19 years of waiting for his return from battle was unbearable.  You and Legolas were the luckiest wife and husband in the whole of Middle Earth.

"My love!  I have waited for you too long!"  You exclaimed as you hugged him tightly.  It felt right to be in Legolas's arms.  You had him, he had you, everything seemed perfect.  With an unborn child on the way, it made things even better.

"How are you?  How is my handsome son?"  Legolas asked as he stroked your belly softly.

"Y/B/N is just fine, as am I."  You said with a smile, " But how do you know our baby is handsome if we haven't even seen him?"

"Trust me," your husband chuckled, "with your eyes and my magnificent hair, how can he not be the most handsome elf in the world?" You replied with a nudge to the shoulder and the roll of your two piercing blue eyes.

"I love you, Legolas. You know that right? All the way from here to Mordor and back infinite times." You said.

"Same."  Legolas replied bluntly and you raised a brow.

"Just kidding, love!  I love you with all my heart." He said laughing. He gives you a sweet kiss on your lips and you and your husband rest on your bed in peace until your next news.

Legolas's P.O.V:

"Agh!" I woke to the sound of my wife's yell and I quickly looked at her.  As soon as I saw her, all I could see was blood everywhere on the bed and all over her nightgown. I quickly rushed over to Y/N and held her soft little hand.  My tears cleansed the blood off her pale hand, enough to see almost all the blood fade away. I closed my eyes and whispered to my self ; this is not real, this is just a dream.

But it wasn't a dream. When I opened my eyes, Y/N was still there, dead. She laid still on her bed and the elves came to take her body away. There was nothing I could have done to save not only my wife, but my child too.

You woke up with a scream. Legolas!

You looked beside you and saw your a familiar face laying beside you on your bed. Was it not Legolas? It was then when you realized, it was really a dream after all. You remembered Legolas marrying his love one hundred centuries ago, and you had married too. Was this life really what you wanted? You wanted Legolas's hand around your waist, not your current husband's. You wanted to snuggle up into Legolas's strong and protective body, not your husband's. You ask yourself now; what is life without Legolas? I'm not sure...

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