Stay Still ..

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"No, cuz you know Jas gone bitch if she find out we hangin'. I don't understand her at all." You told your bestfriend Princeton or Prince.

"Now Deja. Ain't nobody worried about her right now. You know wat..I'm outside. Open tha door." He demanded before hanging up. You looked at tha phone, then dropped it on tha couch getting up heading for tha front door. You opened it revealing a smiling Prince.

"You a dickhead man." You laughed as you let him walk pass you. You closed tha door and went back to your spot on tha couch looking at him change tha channel.

"I swear if Jas come at me wrong we just gon' fight." You asked scrolling through your phone. You felt his eyes on you but you ignored it.

"Yea Yea. But how's tha relationship between you and Kenny." He asked you. You cut your eyes at him and rolled them as you saw him stare back.

"Don't ask dumb questions Prince." You warned. He chuckled and shook his head.

"You always worried about Jas. Jas gon' be alright." He sung nodding his head a little.

You went to tha kitchen and you left your phone on tha couch next to him.

"Damn Dej. Who is Jamal? Ty? Dre? Awe hell nah. You text all these niggas?" He asked scrolling through your messages. You looked back quickly and walked towards him snatching tha phone.

"None of yo business. Damn."

He tilted his head to tha side and rose an eyebrow.

"You know only thots do that shit right?" He asked.

Your eyes widened and you looked at him surprised.

"Oh really now? I'm a thot now huh?" You asked locking yo phone. He looked at you and you looked away.


"Princeton leave me tha fuck alone!" You yell cutting him off. You grabbed your phone and walked pass him but he grabbed your arm.

"Let me go Prince!"

"Deja I didn't mean it like that! Hear me out...please.." He begged pulling you to him. You looked up at him but away as you felt tha wall come in contact wit your back. He turned your head back to look at him.

"Deja I'm sorry ok. I just get jealous when I see you text other niggas all tha time. That's something that will always happen." He explained rubbing your arm. You rose an eyebrow.

"Why do you get jea-"

"Because I have grown feelings for you over tha past few years. I tried to make it go away but tha shit won't." He stressed. "Just forgive me please.."

"You like me?"

He chuckled and bit his lip.

"A lot."

"But wat if I don't feel tha same way?" You asked knowing damn well you like this boy.

He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you off tha wall to him. He looked into your eyes and your knees got weak. You both soon fell on tha couch. You didn't even notice y'all were moving.

"Now I want you to stay still..and let's find out if you feel tha same way.." He smirked unbuckling his belt.



Wats up y'all? Juss a Lil teaser for my girl Deja. Hope y'all enjoyed it! Love y'all!

And Deja! Hmu on Kik! naynaybabii. Open for anybody who wanna text me ! :)

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