The Arrangement

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'~I wanna lose myself between your legs

I wanna make your body shake

    Girl, if you drink this fifth, no chase

     I promise you'll have nothing to say, nothing to say

     Cause the least I deserve this no conversation

     I been working all week

     I'd rather be your enemy

     Than any friend you think I would be

Enemy - The Weeknd

Chapter Six - The Arrangement 

"Are we going to talk now?" I slipped my heels on then looked at Braxton. 

"I guess I just wanted to talk about us." No shit. I knew this wasn't about Ari after he started eating me.

"So talk, Braxton. We don't have all night here." I crossed my arms over my chest. Braxton looked down at my chest. I rolled my eyes then snapped my fingers. 

"I'm sorry about not telling you about Stacey. I shouldn't have been having sex with the both of you without telling you. The truth is, I'm not ready for another serious relationship, but..." Braxton looked away as he trailed off. I knew what he wanted. 

"But?" I smirked. Braxton looked at me and cleared his throat. 

"I still want to see you." He still wanted to fuck me. 

"Like fuck buddies?" I raised my eyebrow. He nodded. 

"Exactly." I rolled my eyes when he smiled. 

"I'm not going to be fucking you if you're fucking her." Braxton waved his hand at me. I watched him stand up and look in the mirror. 

"You'll be the only one, Vera. I'm ending things with her." My smirk grew when I thought of something. 

"Why me?" Braxton ran his fingers through his hair. 

"What do you mean?" 

"I think you know, Braxton. Why me and not her? I know why, I just want you to say it." Braxton turned around and looked at me. 

"I'll tell you if you're right." I looked up and nodded. 

"Well, I think you picked me because you weren't satisfied with her. You could have fucked other girls, but you didn't want them to stay around. You were scared that they would only be with you for the money." 

"Is that right?" Braxton chuckled. I nodded and slowly walked over to him. 

"It is. You were already paying her and Stacey was already there. She's not that bad looking and she's got great fake boobs. Stacey must be really good at sucking dick." Braxton looked shocked at what I said.

"Excuse me?" I wrapped my arms around him when I got to him. 

"Come on now, Braxton. Her pussy is probably trash." I rolled my eyes. 

"What makes you say that?" I had to laugh at that. 

"The bitch has a husband that she's been fucking for a while. She's a whore because she's fucking you while she's married which means she was probably a whore back in the day, which means she wasn't tight then, and now she has two kids. That pussy is dead, Brax." Braxton stared at me for awhile then started laughing. 

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